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Insights On Transcription Services And Rates

Linguistic transcription can be simply defined as the process of conversion of a speech delivered into written form. This service can be effectively used in many fields like conversation analysis, dialectology, sociolinguistics, medical transcriptions, and also in the subfield of speed technology. General audio transcription has its wide use in several areas for the proper conveying of messages and ideas to the target audience.

If you attend a seminar or listen to an audio or video and you are not able to understand the message conveyed from these sources you are highly advisable to use transcription services. We need to have proper knowledge of the price and service provided by the language-based companies for transcription services to choose wisely among them for your necessity.

If you analyze the industry-standard rates you can see that it varies from $1 to $1.50 per audio minute. And in case the audio is not clear the price ranges from $1 to $5 depending upon the complexity of content, language required, and clarity of the audio. These are the different cases where transcription is very difficult and comparatively price hikes happen.

Some of these cases or factors are:

1. Audios with background noise

A quiet place is essential for recording audio in order to get clarity transcriptions. Audios that contain more noise will have high rates.

2. Audios with people speaking over one another

If the number of speakers increases it affects the transcription rate. One-person dictation costs less than interviews and focus-group discussions.

3. Audios with inaudible voices

It is difficult to transcribe less clear audio. It creates more straining for the transcriber to get the words spoken so this issue can costs more

4. Audios length

It’s obvious that the length of audio determines transcription cost. The transcription cost will be higher if the audio length is longer.

5. Audios with thick accents

Audio having a tough accent costs more as it is difficult and effortful for the transcriber to do his work.

6. Audios with medical or scientific terminology which require research

Audios containing jargons and highly technical terms are difficult to transcribe as it requires maximum subject knowledge about the content. So it can cost you more charge.

7. Editing & Proofreading 

Extra time spent on editing and proofreading will lead to more charges.

8. Industry 

Legal transcription and medical transcription usually command higher transcription rates than general transcription.  Podcast and sermon transcription rates are usually lower than say, media transcription. We here at VerboLabs provide quality transcription services with reasonable prices and we also have a Quality checking team or QC team for checking the quality of our deliverables.

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