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Let’s Get to Know How a Translation Agency Recruits Translators?

The way a translation agency recruits its translators can tell you a lot about the agency. Recruitment is an essential process for any company. But, it differs a little when it comes to a translation agency about how it recruits.

Now, we all somewhat know what the essential requirements which an agency expects from a translator like:

  • Native speaker of the language

Having the proposed language as the mother tongue is the foremost need to qualify as a recruit in an agency.  And every good translation agency would agree to it.

  • Expert in English

In order to convert from Hausa to Hindi, a translation agency would need to find a translator; who knows both Hausa as well as Hindi. In real life, we rarely see any need to hire such a translator. That too, on a permanent basis. But it’s a lot more logical to hire two translators who know English as well as these two languages.

  • Translation experience

Now, Just being a native speaker doesn’t mean that a person is a great translator. We also need to know whether a person has the right amount of experience as well. Because without any experience or certifications, it’s a risk for the agency as well as the client company.

Well, these were the basic Technical things which a translation agency looks for in a candidate. But, to work for a company and to work casually are two different things.

Now, let’s discuss the other things which a translation agency looks for in a translator:

  • Ability to manage time

If a translator cannot work according to different schedules and workloads; then, he or she is not a very worthy asset for the company. Because a translation process consists of a minimum of two processes. And if one of the processes takes a lot of time, then the other processes will need to carry an extra load.

  • The drive to achieve perfection

Translation is not science. It has no formula. Blind or literal translation is worse than no translation. Many times, a given proverb or idiom may not have a similar option in another language. That is when a translator has to really work hard to find that perfect translation.

  • Realization ability and Accountability

If a translator cannot realize the time or effort necessary for a project; He or she is very likely to either delay submission or present poor quality work. Also, accountability is very vital because it helps the agencies to give work to another translator accordingly. This is beneficial for everyone, the agency, the client and the translator himself or herself.

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