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10 Industries Where Translation Service Plays a Major Role

There is no industry in the world which does not take the help of some kind of translation service. The demand for translation industry is never-ending as long as there are people from different language groups and cultures. Translation helps all kinds of industries reach out to consumers globally. It helps in the marketing of goods as well as services in different places. A translation service helps expand a business without much investment. It also helps people get access to various products available globally. Translation services are a boon for those who take help of it. There was a major need for translation services during the 18th century. This was due to the rise in colonialism. Land colonialism is history. But market colonialism is the new trend.

Let’s look at the 10 industries where translation service plays a big role:

Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry is the biggest consumer of translation services. Although translation services did not emerge in order to aid the entertainment industry, it has become a vital part of it. The entertainment industry includes movies, television shows as well as books. Even the music industry is a major consumer of the translation industry. The entertainment industry uses almost all kinds of translation services. They include subtitle translation, Voice-over translation service, transcription as well as regular translation. But it mainly uses subtitle and voice-over translation services. If the translation industry collapses, then the entertainment industry will surely suffer a lot.

Websites and the Software Industry

People all around the world who have access to the internet can view any website on the web. They can view the contents as well as products on the site. It is an open market. Hence, if a website has translations in different languages, they can boost their market and reach by many folds. All major websites on the web use translation and localization techniques to reach out to the global market.

Same is the case with software products. Software’s have their use everywhere in the world. So, if the software is present in different languages, they are actually boosting their reach in the market with very less investment. The content present on the website depends on the products and services. But software products generally contain technical content that needs translation. So, a translator with good technical knowledge as well as with a good amount of language experience is suitable for this kind of translation.

Legal Industry

The legal industry is also a major consumer of translation service. Although it uses regular translation, careful and accurate translation of various legal documents is vital. Otherwise, it may lead to major problems and economic loss. Regular translators usually do not handle such translations as proper degree and experience in the field is a must. The legal industry uses translation service for translating agreements, licenses, private, government as well as corporate documents.

Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is an upcoming major consumer of translation services. It uses translation services for translation of various documents, forms, and reports. It also uses transcription services for interviews with patients and doctors. Translation of documents, forms and reports help patients understand them better in different countries. This helps the hospitals boost their service and the satisfaction of their patients. Translators need to have enough experience and some degree in the medical field to provide translation services. Because medical translations involve the use of complex terms and jargons which is unknown to a regular translator.

Video Game Industry

Nowadays, Gaming has become an important part of the lifestyle of the general population. Gaming has become a billion-dollar industry. And it uses translation to boost its growth as well. Like the entertainment industry, it also uses all kinds of translation services. But the main uses lies in subtitle and voice-over translation.

Social Media Industry

Translation services are a must for social media platforms. The social media giant uses translation services to help people connect with other people in languages other than English. Other social media platforms can benefit a lot with the help of translation services. Social media websites contain not only technical material but also elements which need translation as well as localization techniques.

E-Commerce Industry

E-commerce websites are the global supermarkets of the world. Hence, they need an interface which is understood by people all over the world. These e-commerce websites generally need the translation of the Interface text and product descriptions available on their websites.

Journalism Industry

Journalism is still a major aspect of our daily lives. Even though it faces the threat from social media and various fake news. Translation can also play an important role as a part of this industry. Translation services in this industry consist of human translator service, interpretation work, transcription along with the written translation.

Tourism Industry

Tourism and translation go hand in hand. Both involve communication between people from different places and speaking different languages. Human translators have an active role in this industry. Also, travel and tourism websites can use translation service to attract more customers. The use of localization can do wonders in this industry.

Finance Industry

Each and every person in this world can understand the language of money. Money is one of the few things which connects people all around the World. International, as well as national banks, use translation as one of their tools. Websites, ATMs as well as instructions inside a bank office use translation to help provide their customers.

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