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Ordinary Marketing Localization Strategy Won’t Work In India. Here’s Why?

Yes. Your ordinary marketing localization strategies won’t work in India. If you own a Multi-National Company and want to expand your business in India; then you should continue reading the post.

Let’s learn about the reasons for our above statement about marketing localization in India-

The most obvious reason, Language Diversity

India has 22 major languages. But, that’s not the end. Because there are many different cultures because of these different languages. Hence, the same marketing localization technique will not work in all regions of India.

Native competition

There will always be companies who are already doing good business in an industry in any region. If there is no competition, either there is no need for that industry in the region. Or, your product is one of a kind. But in reality, if you want to play along with the Indian Bigshots; then, you will have to come up with localization ideas way better than theirs.

How will you expand then?

The best solution is to hire a translation agency to work along with your marketing team. Now, you should be careful while choosing translation services as well. You should hire agencies with a good reputation.

How should you choose a translation agency?

Nowadays, setting up a translation company is not that difficult in India. Knowledge about the client and the performance history of the translation agency is very important. While it is not that easy to get to know about the performance history; No translation agency should hide information about their best clients.

Here are few of the points you should look out for:

A large translator base

Having a large base of translators of different languages and cultures is a must. It shows the capability of the translation agency. Moreover, hiring an agency that can translate and localize more of the desirable languages will lower the cost. At present, VerboLabs offers its services in more than 60 global languages.

Translator qualifications and experience

The translators working in translation agencies should have degrees and certifications to support their translation careers. Moreover, experience is a bigger factor while doing translation work. All our translators at VerboLabs hold proper degrees and certifications. Also, all the translators at VerboLabs have more than 3 years of experience.

Proper Quality check and Project Management team

A proper Quality check team is a must. This ensures that none of the work has any errors while delivering it to the clients. A project manager ensures that the different stages of a project follow a smooth work process. This increases the efficiency of work as well. The quality check team ensures that a complete project goes through a two-step quality check before delivery. Having a separate team for this process reduces the load on other translators working on other projects.

Wrapping Up

VerboLabs has a huge database of high-profile clients. And we maintain a good rapport with them. We are also aware of the marketing strategies important for different industries in India.

Feel free to contact us at We are more than happy to help expand businesses in our nation.

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