Do You Want Your Bestseller To Be A Hit In Other Languages Too?

The Hindi translation of Amish Tripathi’s bestseller book “The Immortals of Meluha” is very famous among Hindi readers. It is the first installment of his bestseller “Shiva Trilogy” series. Not only the first part but also the translations of the other two books of the series are quite famous. Other books like “Five point someone” is also very famous among the Hindi readers. These books also have translations in other Indian languages. Moreover, these are Indian books in the English language. Popular global bestsellers like “Fifty Shades of Grey” and the famous “Harry Potter” series also have Indian language translations. And they big are successes as well. If you are still not sure about translating a bestselling novel into other languages, then let’s look at the reasons.

Why should you translate a bestseller?

There are three main reasons to do so

Ready-made content

There is already a content in hand which is quite successful in one language. Its chances are high that it will also be successful in any other language. Especially, in a multi-lingual region where the original version has a famous name. For example, India, where there is a fairly large population of English readers.

Popular name

A bestseller book will obviously have its fan following in many places. In those places, the translation of the book won’t need much marketing. Also, you won’t need to worry about the sales as well. It is like selling a different installment of the same book. Thus, it will be quite exciting amongst the fans of that book to read the same book in a different language. They will be eager to notice the differences between the two versions of the book.

Low cost

Translation of a famous book requires the permission of the original author and the need of a good translator. Many a time, the author, as well as the translator, work together to translate the book. So, it’s just the cost of hiring a good literary translator that will do the job. Moreover, it will also take less time than coming up with the next installment of the book.

How do you translate a bestseller?

Translating a bestseller requires a professional literary translator. As the name suggests, the translator must have some qualifications as well as experience in the field of literature. These translators are, most of the times, authors themselves. Sometimes two authors do the translation of a famous book. It is somewhat essential in order to bring out the best of the original book into another language. Many publishing houses hire translation agencies to translate a book. Now, it is vital that the agencies have translators from the literary field. Otherwise, the translation will not be up to the mark and cause a bad name for the franchise.

Why Choose Us?

VerboLabs recruits its translators specifically from the field of literature for literary translations. We make sure that the translators have the qualifications and skills to handle translation of such work. Also, our project management team ensures that work is complete on time. If you need any bestseller book for translation, drop a mail at or feel free to contact us at our website.

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