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Software Localization: How to Choose the Right Localization Strategy for your Company?

Have you ever come across a situation where you started setting up an electronic device and ended up finding that its operation was set up in a different language? Now! It is the area where you feel the importance of software localization. In simple words, without software localization, your program might appear to be frustrating and useless.

Your problem could be solved if the software is translated into your language. You still find it challenging to understand the instructions and design and use the software effectively, even if it’s in your language.

Software localization deals with such problems; for any company, who wants to launch a market and user-friendly product, software localization is an essential thing. Talking from the customer’s point of view, almost every customer prefers the product that comes in their own language. A quick translation does not make a difference or would not satisfy them.

In this article, I will be discussing software localization and the right localization strategies for your company. Let us first see what software localization means?

What is Software Localization?

The process of developing or making software that is customer friendly depends on both cultural and language basis, from standard measurement to video and graphic design. Software Localization involves translation, design, and UX changes so that software looks good and natural to the customer.

In software localization, the language of a few key sections is changed so that users don’t get confused about which button to click. The use of software localization does not stop here. It is involved in changing the shape and location of buttons on the page and other elements. It also gives the flexibility of managing and updating software from any region or corner.

Need to localize your software

The best thing about the technology from a developer’s and user’s point of view is that it helps in removing all boundaries. For a developer, unlimited market opportunity for any new products to be launched is the true meaning of globalization.

A good and successful product means its market value is more and specialized for users. How much the product will be successful will depend on the type of market and user demand. For example, a successful product for one specific market might not be successful for the other market.

For a great international impact of a product, software localization is crucial. If the product is not adequately localized, it might lead to a bad market image of a product, and it might affect your brand name.

With software localization, these situations can be neglected, and your product’s market value could be increased.

How to get started with localization?

Software localization is a profitable thing. Software localization will cost you nothing as compared to the profit you made. Before localizing a product, analyze whether your product is even ready for localization or not and always choose the right localization tools for your product localization. 

Now let’s have a look at the right localization strategy for your company.

Planning and Research-  before launching a product in a market, proper research work is significant. It is not essential that if you make a good sale, your product doesn’t have to be ready to launch in an international market. Your localization projects should be hassle-free and require proper planning before launching the product. So! It’s better to launch the product in a market where you have a good chance of success. Also, the content you are giving should be according to the user.

The most crucial element in the planning and research stage is software design layout, and at last, your product should have beautifully functioned. Remember not to use fully hard-coded design elements. Apart from all these, your focus should be on your internet speed. People are so busy nowadays that they don’t have time to waste on slow-speed internet. So! In order to run your business smoothly, you should make sure that your internet connection should be good and you are loaded with just a simple click.

Building Your Team: Without a solid team, it is next to impossible for a company to establish its name in the market. Having many people is not necessary; what matters the most is the talents they have. A well-talented team member laid the foundation of an established company.

Remember that a programmer could be many, but not all programmers have a different language. Having such a programmer will help you to collaborate very easily. No matter which part of the country your company is operating from, you should have at least one native translator to handle a situation if any mishaps happen. Apart from this, an essential quality they should possess is the ability to learn. You cannot talk about HTML with an unskilled person. So! That is the reason why you should have skilled software developers. For the safe side, you should have a local marketing advisor and a legal consultant.

Deciding the Right Translation Management Software: This is the main secret of your software localization project. It can either break or do your software localization project. You should choose a platform that helps you manage your team more effectively and efficiently with reduced cost.

The correct translation management software has various features that will help you to manage your team. Within-built API programmers to add new products to the market. For localizing into more languages or cracking more localization projects, the import of locale files easily is crucial.           

“So! These are some good strategies that every company should follow”.

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