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The Ever-Increasing Demand for Video Game Localization in 2021

Video game localization is crucial in bringing your game to a global level with the gaming program you use. If you want your gaming program to get maximum exposure and generate revenue, you need to translate it globally. Video game translation is the most effective when the player cannot recognize that the program is being used to serve the purpose of a different audience and need in the world of the game. It may sound as easy as having the words displayed on the screen translated into the local language for your user.

The Rise of Gaming

Due to a sudden coronavirus outbreak around March 2020, people started spending more and more time in their homes. Every sector experienced a massive fall in terms of sales, profit, etc. But! The demand for food commodities like bread, rice, milk, wheat, etc., increased, and so as the craze for video games worldwide increased. People started spending money to buy video games as it was the best time pass at that time.

In the USA, it is found that, during the outbreak, time spent on playing video games increased by 26% and the money spent on buying video games increased by 33%, and people’s involvement on Twitch increased by 83%. Not only this, what more exciting thing happened when Microsoft achieved a new milestone by breaking all the records of subscribers and the sale of Nintendo Switch gaming increased by 24%. In March 2020, many new video games were launched, like The Switch game Animal Crossing, New Horizons, etc., with a sale of over 5 million digital copies.

Not only have the numbers of sales expanded but also the purpose of video games expanded too. People’s buzz could be seen on games like Animal Crossing, Fortnite, Minecraft, etc. New gamers lead to new market opportunities, and to maintain this, developers need to localize faster than ever before.

All You Need to Know About Video Games Localization?

Video game localization is a step beyond translation because it examines every aspect of your product to ensure appropriate for a diverse audience. Therefore, you’ll need to have your game subtitled or translated according to your target audience’s language preferences. Additionally, you’ll need localization of your video game to ensure that the game is played in a particular region.

Video games localization is a multistep procedure requiring members, ranging from translators, managers, developers, and vendors managers. Video game localization involves preparing the software (or hardware) to engage the target audience. The appeal and dialogue of the characters need to enhance whenever required.

It is also possible to design brand-new marketing materials to go with your game. It helps in the advertising privacy policy and disclaimers to the audience. It could appear to be a lot of work; however, localizing your game can allow you to earn revenue outside of your local market. It also increases the market share of your game. It enhances your brand’s image globally and keeps your brand updated with the current market scenario.

Do not ignore the cultural differences you face. You can use automated translations if you do not want your video games to face the hardships in the new market. Minor mistakes in design or translation sometimes become turn off for the users. You might get in trouble because of bad translation. Video games that were poorly translated create low-quality images of their product.


Overall, possibilities are abundant in video games localization globally. It can be expected to maintain expanding together with the continuing speedy growth of gaming. It is one of the most popular activities worldwide and enjoyed by people of all ages. The worldwide gaming marketplace is currently dealing with enormous demands—video game localization. Gamers and non-gamers are turning to video games. Games developers are working continuously to increase their reach in the marketplace. Video games localization is a critical point to consider for the expansion of the video games industry.

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