Medical Translation Services Providers in India

Top 10 Medical Translation Services Providers in India

The internationalization of the medical industry has created a huge demand for medical translation services among many pharmaceutical companies. The translation of doctor manuals, patient records, medical records, brochures, reports, instructions, and prescriptions into the target language where a company wishes to expand must be done accurately. For quality medical translation services, the healthcare company has to hire a highly professional medical translation agency because a piece of inaccurate health information can impair both the patient’s health and the hospital’s reputation. As a result, translation accuracy is very important, and choosing the best medical translation service provider is essential for both the success and reputation of the healthcare company.

Here is the list of the top 10 Medical Translation Services Providers in India

  1. Abayam Translation Services in India​
  2. VerboLabs
  3. Lyric Labs India Pvt. Limited
  4. Mars Translation
  5. Shakti Enterprise
  6. Somya Translators Pvt. Limited
  7. Tridindia
  8. Milestone Localization
  9. Lisan India
  10. Language Services Bureau

Abayam Translation Services in India​

Abayam Translation Services in India​ provides a one-stop solution for all kinds of translation services. They precisely understand that for a business to go global, how crucial it is to translate companies’ documents accurately. And when it comes to medical translation, the need for accuracy automatically increases. Being skilled in more than a hundred languages, they aim to fine-tune the technique of delivering service quality, precision, credibility, consistency, and accountability. Their 100% human translation provides quality assurance and on-time delivery. 


Since 2016, VerboLabs has been providing various kinds of translation services to its clients, and one such service includes healthcare translation services. With highly professional and knowledgeable translators, VerboLabs provides medical translation in more than 80 languages. The subject matter experts hired by them who have been working in the healthcare sector for years deliver quality translations. They also help the client know the whole step-by-step process of the translation. VerboLabs offers translation services for almost every kind of medical document, so the client does not have to go anywhere else for the completion of their requirements. 

Lyric Labs India Pvt. Limited

Medical translations are essential for patient care and safety in multicultural and multilingual settings. Businesses must prioritize accurate medical translations if they want to show their dedication to offering top-notch goods and services. Lyric Labs India Pvt. Limited offers 100% human translation to assist businesses in providing precise medical translation services. Lyric Labs India Pvt. Limited offers services in more than 140 languages with the help of highly qualified and experienced medical professionals. Companies in India hire them for excellent translations at competitive prices from native speakers worldwide, with an average level of 99% satisfaction.

Mars Translation

With a lot of scientific and medical research being done daily, the new age of globalization has brought revolutions to the medical and healthcare fields. Due to this, it is now necessary to globalize and transcend national boundaries, and in order to do so, medical translation services are needed. The skilled linguists at Mars Translation, a firm specializing in medical translation, cover various medical document translation services. Mars Translation’s effective and thorough translation services cover them all at an affordable price and with short turnaround times, whether you require a medical and healthcare translation service for patient case reports or packaging medication labels.

Shakti Enterprise

With an office located in Mumbai, Shakti Enterprise is tirelessly working to provide its clients with their healthcare translation services. At Shakti Enterprise, they have undertaken and successfully accomplished varied types of medical translation projects, including medical report translation, with utmost accuracy. They use the latest CAT tools software like Trados 2007, Trados Studio 2011, Word Fast Pro, Translation Workspace, and Memo Q for creating translation memory banks and terminology management. Their commitment towards their client and the well-being of society have made it among the top medical translation agency.

Somya Translators Pvt. Limited

Somya Translators employs qualified translators who speak multiple languages and are fluent in many different dialects. As a Language Service Provider (LSP) with ISO certification, Somya Translators has been active in the market for ten years. Depending on the language being translated, translation services might be expensive, but Somya Translators makes an effort to offer services at prices that are unbeatable in the sector.


Translation is considered a key component of accurate cross-border communication by most pharmaceutical, medical, and biotech companies. To make communication between the doctor and the patient or other doctors easier, Tridindia offers high-quality document translation services. Their medical translators are very skilled and knowledgeable in the medical jargon that doctors frequently employ while speaking with patients. Data privacy is the main advantage of outsourcing services to them. Tridindia ultimately guarantees that we will keep your information secure and that it won’t be disclosed to outside parties.

Milestone Localization

Milestone Localization offers certified medical translation services with content translation into over 70 languages. In addition to many other medical documents, they can translate medical reports, clinical trials, labels and IFUs, research papers, physician guides, and medical software. In order to offer trustworthy and accurate translations on schedule, Milestone makes use of the most up-to-date technology and works with the best translators with subject-matter experience. Healthcare companies can choose the services of Milestone Localization without worrying about the quality of translation.

Lisan India

Lisan India is an emerging medical translation service provider in India, which rapidly earned an excellent reputation and prominence in translation and other linguistic services. Lisan is now regarded as one of India’s best translation agencies for medical language translation. They provide translations for the contents of the various medical documents. All the documents involved in medical procedures are translated in the most meticulous manner at Lisan India. They also work on medical transcription projects.

Bhasha Bharati Arts

With 50 years of experience in medical translation services, Bhasha Bharati Arts has offices in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. It is one of the pioneers of medical language translation services in India. Their translators are highly trained and qualified specialists with a proven track record of managing all types of medical and research-related papers with high precision. 


Medical translation service providers help companies ensure compliance with regulations, maintain patient safety, expand into global markets, and enhance communication and understanding within the medical industry. Investing in professional medical translation services is essential for companies operating in the healthcare sector to thrive in the global marketplace. So healthcare companies can choose any medical translation agency from the list and achieve the desired results.

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