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Top 10 Subtitles Translation Service Providers in India

When targeting international audiences through audiovisual content, companies will need subtitling translation service providers for their products and services, as subtitling offers numerous valuable benefits. Subtitling concerns adding translated text at the bottom of video content, making it accessible to a broader audience, including the deaf and hard of hearing. Companies can reach a varied and inclusive global audience by offering subtitles in a variety of languages, overcoming language barriers and assuring better comprehension. In addition to cultural differences, subtitles ensure that humor, idioms, and other unique characteristics are appropriately represented so that the target audience can relate to the content. Additionally, translated subtitles improve videos’ search engine optimization (SEO), making them easier to find for viewers throughout the world. Additional factors for hiring expert subtitling translation services include legal compliance, user engagement, message consistency, and cost-effectiveness. 

Here is the list of the top 10 Subtitles Translation Service Providers in India

  1. Verbolabs
  2. Abayam Translation Services in India​
  3. Tridindia
  4. Milestone Localization
  5. Lisan India
  6. Integrated Language Solutions
  7. Lyric Labs India Pvt. Limited
  8. Lingual Consultancy Services
  9. Mars Translation
  10. Shakti Enterprise


Verbolabs was founded in 2016, and its headquarters is in Bangalore. This company provides quality and professional subtitle translation services. Along with aiming at the quality of the content, Verbolabs also takes care of the cost and speed of the service. Their subtitle translators are native speakers of your chosen language and are skilled at producing precise subtitles for any project. They put the work through the exacting process used by VerboLabs Languages, which guarantees flawless accuracy in time-coded transcripts and, if necessary, expert linguist evaluation. VerboLabs offers subtitling services to films and broadcasting firms in Bangalore. 

Abayam Translation Services in India​

Abayam is one of the language service providers [LSP] that offers translations in a variety of industries, including the automotive, banking, healthcare, oil and gas, information technology, telecommunications, and e-learning sectors. The scope of their local and global operations is stretched over their services and solutions. They offer translation, transcription, voice-over, and interpretation services in a number of foreign and Indian languages. Abayam Translation Services offers subtitling translation services throughout India from a Chennai location. They seek to perfect the method of providing service quality, precision, credibility, consistency, and accountability due to their fluency in more than a hundred languages. They assist their clients in dominating the worldwide market and gaining an edge over their rivals.


By understanding the size of the subtitling market, Tridindia offers excellent quality subtitle translation services that make proper logic and sense for all types of audiences around the world. One of the top names in specialized translation companies is Tridindia. Tridindia offers multilingual subtitles for any document in the shortest turnaround time because of its vast pool of skilled and reliable subtitling artists. The experts deliver exact subtitling that is precisely linked to the relevant part of the video to ensure that each frame’s reading is constant and free from any odd amplification of phrases.

Milestone Localization

Milestone Localization provides subtitles translating services in more than 70 languages. Their linguists carefully adapt your script to the intended language to retain tone, style, and consistency. Milestone Localization selects transcriptionists who are native speakers and have the training necessary to guarantee that the subtitles are accurate. People with hearing impairments can effortlessly access your material thanks to their closed captioning services. The transcriptionists pay close attention to the smallest details and thoughtfully evaluate audio tones, phrases, and sounds to accurately portray the scene and ensure that every audible component is comprehended. 

Lisan India

Since 2013, Lisan India, a Subtitling Agency which has its registered office in Delhi, India, has been among the language service providers with the quickest growth. It offers a variety of language solutions to fulfill the unique needs of governmental organizations, global corporations, and translation businesses. As a professional video subtitling business in India, Lisan is dedicated to providing a competitive and thorough service to match your needs and budgetary constraints precisely. The multilingual translation capabilities, profound cultural comprehension, technical know-how, and years of project management experience at Lisan complement the subtitling service.

Integrated Language Solutions

Integrated Language Solutions’s mission, established in 2005, is a Subtitling Company that responds entirely to all language-related needs. Their practical and meticulous four-step translation procedure ensures that your subtitle content is translated carefully and expertly from beginning to end. Industry-leading CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) tools are used by Integrated Language Solutions to recycle previously translated text kept in translation memory, enhancing productivity and turnaround time while reducing costs for their clients. They utilize Wordfast, MemoQ Professional, Trados Studio, and MemSource Cloud as CAT tools. This business can help you reach your goal by delivering projects of the highest caliber.

Lyric Labs India Pvt. Limited

Subtitle translations are essential for companies to reach a wider audience. Businesses creating videos to approach international audiences must prioritize accurate subtitle translations if dedicated enough to impact their audience worldwide with their content. Lyric Labs India Pvt. Limited offers 100% human translation to assist businesses in providing precise subtitling services. Lyric Labs India Pvt. Limited offers services in more than 140 languages with the help of highly qualified and experienced translators. Companies in India hire them for excellent translations at competitive prices from native speakers worldwide, with an average level of 99% satisfaction.

Lingual Consultancy Services

As a top language service provider, Lingual Consultancy Services offers everything you might need for high-quality foreign language subtitling, including native transcribers for the original video transcription, time-coding, embedding, translation of the transcribed text, and SRT generation. Video subtitles include television programs, educational videos, films (Documentary, Feature), marketing films, webcasts & podcasts, and music videos. With studios in more than 50 countries, Lingual Consultancy Services are experts at quality, affordable, and on-time delivery of assignments.

Mars Translation

Now, the world audience has access to the video content of any country in any language. And all the accessibility is possible because of the subtitles present in the videos. Even if the video is not translated into the required language but with the translated subtitles, viewers can easily consume the content of a different language. For the translation of subtitles, Mars Translation, a Subtitle Translation Agency, covers various subtitle translation services. Mars Translation’s effective and thorough translation services cover them all at an affordable price and with short turnaround times.

Shakti Enterprise

With an office in Mumbai, Shakti Enterprise is tirelessly working to provide its clients with subtitle translation services. At Shakti Enterprise, they have undertaken and accomplished varied types of video subtitling projects, including movies, web series, educational videos and many more types of video content, with utmost accuracy. Their subtitle translation process includes the following:

  1. Source video and script
  2. Selection of software
  3. Assign linguist
  4. Creative adaptation of the script
  5. Editing and proofreading
  6. Feedback


Companies can reach a diversified audience worldwide with audiovisual material using subtitling translation services provided by third parties. Companies may efficiently promote their goods and services to global markets and enhance their global presence by investing in skilled subtitling services. Therefore, businesses can select any Professional subtitle translation services from the list and get the desired results.

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