Top 10 Software Localization Companies

2024 Top 10 Software Localization Companies

Software localization into another language can be helpful for organizations who want to broaden their products/services into a new marketplace, or for any individual who wants to utilize the software in their native language. Nowadays, each business has its own special need and requirements. This is a major segment to understand wherever software translation/localization services merge in with your needs. When you are operating any business on an international level, for example, you want to switch to a software localization organization for a period of time. This is important so that you are capable to give your consumers something real & truth. 

By using these software localization services, your target audience can interact with you, without getting worried about anything. For instance, there are quite a number of audiences who are searching for software localization and not so many who can provide these according to their client’s needs. If you are looking for these services, you need to get assured that you use a software translation organization that is able to meet your needs. You need to make sure that you are using a localization company from professional translators. There are many advantages of localization/translation of software. It can help to reduce support costs, as an end-user is more likely to be capable to use a localized version of the software. It can also lead to increased sales, as users are more likely to purchase software/solutions which they can use and understand. 

Here are listed 10 best software localization companies who are providing great software localization services:

1. VerboLabs

VerboLabs is an ISO-certified company that has been working in the industry for more than 05 years. They are developing brilliant web content which is specialized skills in analysis, strategy, outreach, creativity, and development, from investigating topics and target audience data to its publication and production. VerboLabs are collaborating immediately with you to proceed with high-quality web content that attains the right customers. For the past 05 years, we have translated more than 150 million words for over 400+ clients, in more than 80 major global languages.

2. TridIndia

Tridindia is a popular localization Company in India who are providing interpretation, transcription, subtitling, translation, voice-over & dubbing in more than 250 languages. This organization is one of the localization giants in the field of multilingual interpretation, transcription, translation, localization, dubbing, voiceovers, subtitling, and for multilingual Desktop publishing. With a view to providing genuine translation software to the complete global marketplace, they are having a dedicated team of certified multi-linguistic experts, professional proofreaders, and project managers.

3. Cuttingedge Translation Services Pvt. Ltd

Cuttingedge translation/localization Company is one of the main & focused language organizations with quality as its central value. They are inspired by water, they are clear in their policies, free glazing in their flexibility and thoughts in performing their client’s requirements. Their client-centric approach allows them to exceed the set expectations. Cuttingedge believes in constant expansion and hence latest technologies are an essential part of them. They are coupled with teamwork, they give their best to gather the Client’s satisfaction, hereby, its directors or employees can guarantee the accuracy of their content deliverables.

4. Semantic Evolution Pvt. Ltd.

Semantic evolution Pvt. ltd. is consumer-centric and they give broader consideration and sustain precision and provide on time for all the software localization Services. Their translators are in the line-up under constitutive rules of the individual federative laws of India. Their legal document translation is being done with the coordination of the respective law companies. They are professional software localization service provider offering certified translation/localization services at very affordable prices. They are having native translators who are always on top of the corporate world and provide high-quality translations/localization.

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5. Lisan India

Lisan India is a specialist language translation organization offering language localization, audio translation & MP4 subtitling services. At Lisan, they translate all major domains, including business & e-commerce, IT, Marketing, Life Science, Pharma, Sofware & Apps, Consumer Products, etc. They support all significant Indian languages and most of the European and South Asian languages. They localize corporate business documents, website content, software stringing, video, and audio content. 

6. Earth Lingua Private Limited

Earth Lingua pvt. ltd., created in the year 2006 is a renowned localization organization in India, that provides magnificent services related to a global language. At Earth Lingua, they pay utmost attention to our target audience. They care for customers very much and take place with great importance in searching out what they require, what their clients think about them, what they do, and how should they work through which the bond they and their consumers can become stronger. Earth Lingua regularly seeks the feedback of target audiences by which they can enhance the quality of their service.

7. Coral Knowledge Services Pvt. Ltd.

Coral knowledge services pvt. ltd. is one of the main translation companies in India and they specialize in Indian languages and South Eastern Asian languages. Currently, Coral is working for many localization service providers and providing localization help of main companies in India, South East Asian languages and whole global languages. Coral knowledge is an ISO 9001:2015, 27001:2013 & 17100:2015 certified. They are a merchant to Lionbridge, SDL, Yamagata Intech, Moravia, Saudisoft, Xiaomi, Welocalize, Transperfect and many other leading translation agencies.

8. Winsome Translators Pvt. Ltd

Winsome Translators is one of the leading translation/localization and understanding service provider in New Delhi, India. They are satisfactory services their prestigious customers from many years. They provide translation, localization, interpretation and transcription services in India and even globally. They are delivering Professional localization services from past 18 Years. Their expertise is in Language Translation/localization, Language Transcription, document certification Services, attestation for your document.

9. Translingoworld – Translation & Interpretation Company 

Translingoworld is a great language service provider, located in India. They provide interpretation, translation, transcription, and multilingual software localization solutions in Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, and all other Indian regions. Their Major language translation for software include: German to Russian, English to Russian, Italian to Russian, French to Russian, English to Ukrainian, German to Ukrainian, Spanish to Russian, French to Ukrainian, Spanish to Ukrainian, Italian to Ukrainian, Russian to Ukrainian, English to Polish-German, Polish to Ukrainian, English to Polish French to Polish Italian.

10. Devnagri – Software/app Localization Services

Devnagri is an AI-based localization/translation platform to support companies to reach over 500M, Indian web users in their local languages. The devnagri software platform has substantial and continuing rising networks; presently having more than 5000 software translators who are increasing regularly. The AI-based software localization service providers are driven by the audience, and they are organizing the way in the translation industry. They enable faster and on-time localization by using this AI-based workflow to boost the effectiveness and accuracy of the translation process. 

You can read out the main benefit of switching to top software localization companies:

Making your organization prepared for the global audience is a difficult challenge in itself. When you are having your sales provisions for domestic to the international marketplace, your target audience should access the software in a smoother and easier way. This localization feature could be an e-commerce website, any educational web page, or a game. To do the localization/translating your software according to the language and the culture of your target audience will increase the market, globally. The localization of software will reach the details into a more understandable sector for the audience. This feature of localization/translation of software drags the target audience to purchase and rate your services or products. For more information visit

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