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Top 10 Video Translation Services Agency in India

Videos are powerful communication tools that convey information, emotions, and ideas more effectively than plain text. However, video content is more associated with movies, documentaries, and news. But, in the business world, video content is increasingly used for marketing, product demonstrations, and corporate communications. Translating videos into different languages allows businesses to expand their market presence, attract international customers, and foster global partnerships. It will also help to bridge language barriers and enable effective communication in a globalized world. One crucial part of translating the video is that it will help the business to keep up with the cultural beliefs of the target audiences; hence they will feel more connected with the message conveyed via video content.

Here is the list of the 10 Best Video Translation Companies in India

  1. Lisan India
  2. VerboLabs
  4. CHL Localization
  5. Lyric Labs India Pvt. Limited
  6. Abayam Translation Services in India​
  7. Tridindia
  8. Milestone Localization
  9. Lingual Consultancy Services
  10. Language Services Bureau

Lisan India

Since 2013, Lisan India, which has its registered office in Delhi, India, has been among the language service providers with the quickest growth. Being a video translation agency, it offers a variety of language solutions to fulfill the unique needs of governmental organizations, global corporations, and translation businesses. Liam India provides one of India’s best video translation services, with high-quality translations produced by human translators. 


VerboLabs was established in 2016 and has corporate offices in Bangalore and Udaipur. This business offers competent and high-quality video translation services. VerboLabs is regarded as one of the best video translation services in India because it cares about price, turnaround time, and content quality. The team translating the video ensures the customer receives an exact translation free of errors that can damage the brand’s reputation. 


With locations in Bangalore and Chennai, JSQUAD provides IT-enabled language services. As a reputable translation and localization company in India, JSQUAD has all the specialists you require to guarantee that your project and service successfully enter the new market. These experts possess the specialized knowledge, linguistic proficiency, and cultural comprehension you need.

They start by doing an in-depth analysis of the business’s requirements, taking into account the budget, the company’s unique selling propositions, and the target market. This Indian company will translate your work and make sure that every aspect is correctly adapted to the cultural preferences of the target audience. In addition to translation, JSQUAD also provides localization, transcription, voice-over, subtitling, linguistic data labeling and annotation, and staffing services in over 100 different languages.

CHL Localization

To bridge the linguistic and cultural gap, a 31-year-old translation company in India by the name of CHL Localization offers reliable and accurate translations of any content. This company routinely gives customers error-free services as India’s leading video translation firm. More than 200 languages, including those spoken in India, Asia, Europe, and Africa, are covered by their professional translators. Clients may quickly and confidently interact globally and grow their businesses by applying numerous quality enhancement approaches to ensure correctness in their initiatives. CHL Localization has offices in Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Noida.

Lyric Labs India Pvt. Limited

Lyric Labs India Pvt. Limited has been offering translation services to a range of customers since 2005. This video translation company is one of the best in India, with more than 1500 interpreters and cutting-edge equipment. Lyric Translation and Localisation’s qualified and dependable staff are meeting your thriving company’s translation demands.

Abayam Translation Services in India​

All types of translation services are offered by Abayam Translation Services in India as a one-stop shop. With a Chennai location, they serve all of India and are well aware of how important it is for businesses to translate their content correctly if they want to expand internationally. With their multilingual abilities, they strive to improve the method of providing services with quality, accuracy, credibility, consistency, and accountability. They support their client’s success in the international market by giving them an edge over their rivals.


Tridindia is one of the most well-known names in the industry. Translation, interpretation, subtitling, localization, and DTP are just a few of the skills they are professionals in to facilitate better “communication” across international borders. In addition to technical, medical, real estate, mining, engineering, IT, legal, energetic, and marketing industries, Tridindia also provides video translation services. More than 2000 qualified translators who are fluent in more than 150 Indian and foreign languages work with Tridindia.

Milestone Localization

Milestone Localization can convert your video into more than 70 different languages. They can connect to your CMS and translate recently updated content. Their linguist experts translate your video content to ensure that your target audience can understand what you’re saying. You can be sure that users worldwide can find your translated video by using Milestone Localization’s multilingual SEO services. Milestone Localization completes each job accurately thanks to its team of qualified translators.

Lingual Consultancy Services

Lingual Consultancy Services (LC) is a translation agency having offices in Berlin (Germany), Boston (United States), Paris (France), Yangon (Myanmar), and Delhi & Gurgaon in India. Lingual Consultancy, a reputable company in India that specializes in video translation, provides translation services in over 250 languages, including all of the significant tongues used in Latin America, Asia, Europe, and Africa. Only native speakers or bilingual translators who are proficient at the native level are used, and work is finished on schedule. Lingual Consultancy Services can help organizations look for a reliable video translation provider.

Language Services Bureau

Language Services Bureau, a Pune-based company founded in 1979, is credited for inventing professional interpreting and translation services in India. LSB provides professional video translation services from and into any language in India. With more than 40 years of experience, they promise the best expert video translation services, done swiftly and affordably and guaranteed to accelerate the growth of your business.


Video translation is pivotal in breaking down language barriers and fostering effective communication and understanding among people from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds. It facilitates global interactions, knowledge exchange, and cooperation across various fields, making it an essential aspect of communication in the modern world. Selecting the right video translation company is crucial for your business’s growth. With this list of top 10 video translation services in India, you can help your brand to expand globally.

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