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Top 10 Graphic Design Agencies in Bangalore

Graphic designing is essential for business growth. It aims at boosting brand identification and communication. Effective graphic designing agency establishes a memorable and recognizable brand image by graphically communicating a company’s product and services. In addition to attracting clients, professionally-designed logos, websites, marketing materials, and social media graphics establish trustworthiness. Businesses may stand out in a competitive market and make a positive impression on potential customers using eye-catchy images. Additionally, graphic design companies enable brands to convey complex information in a simple yet appealing way, enhancing consumer connection. It builds client loyalty, draws in new customers, and ultimately helps a business develop and succeed by marking a solid and consistent brand presence. If you are looking for graphic designing agencies in Bangalore, find the list below and choose the one that helps your business flourish. 

Here is the list of the 10 Best Graphic Design Agencies in Bangalore

  1. Honeycomb Creative Support Pvt. Ltd.
  2. GSearch
  3. Avatar Studios
  4. Verbolabs
  5. Brickwork
  6. Pichkaari
  7. Krify
  8. Jootoor Designs
  9. Unico Graphix
  10. Dreamart 

Honeycomb Creative Support Pvt. Ltd.

By integrating its Marcom, Design, and Technology skills, Honeycomb Creative Support  has been assisting businesses in reimagining and enhancing their digital footprints. The firm has established itself as one of the top graphic designing agencies with its feet firmly planted in the digital ecosystem of India’s Silicon Valley.  They have more than 13 years of experience, since 2008, and have been developing brand identities for companies with a strong sense of design. The company holds an asset of a strong team of employees who are well coordinated and dedicated. The importance of graphic designing is well known in today’s era. They are reputed in the industry for providing a readymade platform to businesses for gaining visual publicity. The popularity of the brand equipped with top level graphic designs cannot be ignored. Not only do common masses relate more with the brand but sometimes they register with the company only by graphics in their mind. With headquarters in Bangalore and other offices in Mumbai and Hyderabad, Honeycomb Creative Support is a renowned marketing communication firm that develops future-proof strategies.


GSearch, a graphic designing company makes a sincere effort to design and create various graphics for your company, such as logos, brochures, and other materials. They  fulfill customer’s requirements with precision and on time delivery. By offering multiple benefits for all the clients they have expertise in creative heads they pave a path for business leads that your company needs for immense growth. Those who have chosen GSearch for their creative needs have been extremely satisfied by the graphic designs made by them. Appealing content for  customers in a competitive world can be at times difficult to create. They as a graphic designing agency help businesses to stand out in the market with their exceptional designs. Serving in fields like 3D/2D/HD images, content, animations, graphics , they are a one stop solution for all brand needs. Designing and developing graphics with a view of product promotion and making people connect with the product can generate higher ROI. Company’s belief in continuous learning and innovation is the secret  to success they follow to leave behind the competitors.

 Avatar Studios

Avatar Studios create designs that narrate the journey of the business in visual forms. This graphic designing studio in Bangalore assists clients to customize their designs and guide them through the whole process. They Follow simple steps, like understanding the requirements, researching, and initial sketching. The creation of the final layout after the process, makes them create unique and artistic graphic designs. Presenting your existing data in the form that actually generates new and potential client base for your business. A customer friendly service with inbound query resolution keeps them in the books. Cost effective and on time deliverables still remain the highlights of this graphic designing company. They try to communicate the value of your business to audiences via visuals made by their professionals. Maintaining brand visibility online and in store highly depends on the format of your designs you serve to attract the customer.  Avatar Studios understands the current trends of the market and makes the brand successful by creating visually appealing designs, logos, website design, social media posts, and style guides.


Since 2016, Verbolabs has been tirelessly working on various verticals and providing the best services to their clients. We understand that creating exceptional graphic designs facilitates core strategy, analysis, and creative mindset skills. Our skilled professional graphic designers will collaborate directly with you. They will help you build social media images of your brand using creative graphics. We ensure that your product and service is presented customized to the customer. This guarantees long term engagement with new and potential customers.  Producing high-quality designs for the brand’s logo, website page, visiting cards and many other designs according to the client’s requirements is the company’s priority. At Verbolabs, we work with you to find the proper method of designing for your brand. We aim at the aspects that will give you the best return on investment. Consistency across the platforms is the need of the hour to stay current and relevant in the market. VerboLabs is the leading corporation in the field of graphic designing. 


Brickwork, a company with an extensive understanding of design and development. Ensuring your graphic designs are supported by responsive and user-centric features becomes the most impactful differentiator. Additionally, they collaborate with you on your digital journey and construct specialized applications that automate your company’s  database designs. These graphic designing companies also manage massive amounts of data and Excel spreadsheet automation easily. What is presented is what gets sold, based on this theory the optimized designs are made. The company believes that the increase in customer satisfaction rate is the end they want to achieve. Their expert design team can revamp your present marketing materials to fit your current brand promise of establishing an aesthetically pleasing brand and a remarkable digital presence. This can be also comprehended as a makeover of your brand to survive the hardcore competition.  The Brickwork team has expertise in creating branding strategies for more than 250 international businesses.

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Pichkaari is a design and communication studio with an office in Bangalore, Karnataka, running since 2013. With their fantastic experience in creating graphics, they know how to make the brand communicate with the target audience. Market direction is highly dependent on how well you can fulfill clients expectations with the already existing services. This graphic designing agency has created clients in various cities worldwide and has worked with giants like Licious, Amazon, Indiamart, Airtel, MI, and many more. The professionalism they hold builds up trust and loyalty of customers. The super designs made by them tend to create a business image which makes you stand out. Pichkaari creates visuals and artwork that is synced in with the brand’s message that it wants to convey. Promising utmost utility of the network created by them by the way of exemplary designs. The variety of services they provide with expertise makes them stand out of all others. This shows the genuinity of the company and presents all the reasons for you to trust them as one of the best graphic design companies in Bangalore. 


Krify is a multinational technology innovation company specializing in crafting amazing graphics. They run offices in Bangalore, UK, and Chigwell. Well- equipped with the HTML-5 tool, they create amazing designs customized according to your needs. Their  team is well acquainted with the professional designing knowledge. Knowing how to give shape to their client’s imagination by turning their ideas into attractive designs is their forte. Their designers create designs with perfect layouts, color palettes and design elements. Building a brand image to attract more customers and helping businesses market their product is also what they provide. Making sure that the services are the one that potential customers remember, this can be termed as strategy to hold a wide client base. They help make a positive image using visuals as well as an everlasting impression by their graphic designs. Today’s time holds a huge importance for marketing and branding to make a company successful. One can trust Krify with their critical assignments and make their brand communicate with the target customers.

 Jootoor Designs

Companies stay caught up in a market rapidly converging onto a virtual platform. Leading company Jootoor Designs is a graphic designing company based in Bangalore, India. Offering top notch digital service augmented with a fast evolving digital landscape is what they promise. From graphic designing and building extraordinary websites to execute a robust digital marketing solution with thorough management across industries. They provide end-to-end branding services for both businesses and customers. Trying to bring world class designs for websites to market your business in a targeted way is their motto. They make sure that your visuals change according to the existing trend of the market so you are not left behind in the race of survival of the fittest. When thinking of leaving an everlasting impression on your clients, graphic designing is what you need for your brand. Web development, e-commerce, WordPress design, graphic design services, logo design, domain & hosting, and other areas are their areas of expertise. Connecting to customers was more complex. But everyone needs to be aware of how to build and preserve a brand’s image. One of the top social media marketing strategists, Jootoor Designs, has helped several firms develop their presence online. 

 Unico Graphix

Unico Graphix is a full-service graphic designing company offering everything from logo design to customer acquisition strategies. They know the significance of design, development, and content generation in raising the bar for your online presence. A graphic designing agency well versed in static and dynamic designs. In a world where people don’t have time to read all of the data, graphic designing is the solution to the problem. A quick look at your company can be made so much easier with graphic designing. It can be termed as the face of the company people refer to when coming to graphics incorporated. Their sole motto is to satisfy their customers with ultimate results created by the expert team they have. Being a 360 degree marketing firm they have an edge while making UX designs backed with data. Taking up customer feedback and hearing out the expectation of clients make them draw out unique graphic designs. With the finest communication possible, a creative team of designers, photographers, and digital marketers can help the business with any issues and produce the best results. You can contact this graphic design company in Bangalore to receive the best support.

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Dreamart is an outsource graphic design agency and multimedia development company based in Bangalore, India. Empowered by a multidimensional team and advanced technology , the interactive experts have technical know-how to offer the complete communication service all under one roof. The solution they offer to promote your business includes ad-campaigns with professional and quality content . Their services include Interactive Corporate Multimedia Presentation, Corporate Video Film, Creative Graphic Design Services, PPT Designs and more. Increased traffic on your website will be directed in your favor with the help of interesting graphic designing incorporated by them. Raising from the text-only approach market is now ruled by the visuals accessible to them, Dreamart now comes into play. Empowered by a versatile team and advanced technology, the graphic design agency has the expertise and technical know-how to offer complete communication solutions under one roof. Suppose you need a graphic designing company for an ad campaign to promote your brand or a new service, with a professional approach and commitment to quality. In that case, they can offer you the best solutions you are searching for.


It is evident that the best graphic design companies will help a business or brand to make a stronger foothold in the market. Graphic designing allows companies to establish their brand identity, communicate effectively with customers, and create positive perceptions, all of which contribute to business growth and success. It is the need of the hour to indulge in graphic designing for enhancing brand’s visibility.

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