Top 12 Language Translation Companies in Mumbai

Top 12 Language Translation Companies in Mumbai

Nowadays, the world is emerging for language translation services, so, why should you be in the last? We cannot deny this fact that each language translation service outsources in a different shape. Language translation knows how challenging it is for you as a business owner to provide the right information about your products/services to the non-native consumers. VerboLabs is the best translation company in Mumbai; understand that how many troubles you will face to make non-native audience to get an understanding of what services they give. There are so many problems that every industrial operator confront just because of the language barrier. The language barrier is a big reason for many business companies, as products/services should be mentioned in the native languages of your audience that should be done if you want engagement and reach.

There are thousands of language translation services available in the world. But, you can select the best translation company in Mumbai for your business that is available in Mumbai; you can find top language translation services in Mumbai. Hereby, below listed are the top 12 language translation companies in Mumbai with some of their professional translation services:

1. VerboLabs Languages

VerboLabs is a language solution organization. Over last five years, and have given solution with over 150 million words for more than 400 clients, in 80+ global languages. VerboLabs are engaged with over 5000 professional language translation experts. At VerboLabs, they have mastered the capabilities needed to produce a high quality translation. Below listed are their services:

  • Desktop publishing
  • Digital content creation
  • Video Editing
  • Language transcription
  • Voice Dubbing
  • Language subtitling

2. Lingo Mantra Translation services private limited

LingoMantra is a translation company that is providing language translation solutions in over 130 world languages. Lingo Mantra can enable organizations around the world to break the language barrier and reach out to more users and prospects, in their native language. Here are listed below about their services:

  • Translation
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Website localization
  • Software localization

3. PerevodRU Global translation services

PerevodRu Global translation services was established in 2004 and is one of India’s largest providers of translation services with specialization in all leading Foreign and Indian languages such as legal document translation, financial translation, medical industry translation, personal document translation. Below mentioned are about their services:

  • Language Training
  • Marketing Services
  • Market Research
  • Business Development Support
  • Website Localization

4. Bhasha Bharati – Language Translation Services & Interpretation Services

Bhasha Bharati – Language Translation Services & Interpretation Services are ISO 9001:2008, certified translation company for maintaining the quality standard. They are mainly working in all areas of language translation services and provide fast, affordable, and high quality translation services in all major languages. Below listed are their services:

  • Translation Services
  • Localization Services
  • Interpretation Services
  • DTP Services
  • 360° Language Solution
  • Document Translation

5. Priya Translation Services

They are also doing language translation service in English, Hindi and Marathi from a long time. Priya translation services are a leading professional language translation service provider in India and they are managing a network of trained & experienced professionals. Here are listing their services below:

  • Hindi language translation
  • English language translation
  • Marathi language translation

6. Parikh Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

They are a leading professional language service company with over 10 year of experience in the industry experts in all aspects. Parikh info solutions private limited work in your audiences’ native language to provide cost-effective language translation solutions at a low turnaround time.  Here are listing below about their services:

  • Translation
  • Transcription
  • Localization
  • Voice Over
  • Dubbing
  • Subtitling
  • Interpretation
  • Video Creation

7. Honyaku Remedies

They have taken their organization’s name Honyaku by Japanese language, as Honyaku Remedies means Translation Solutions, so it is very clear, they work as language Translation Company. Their highly educated & qualified translators, professional editors and project managers guarantee the accuracy of their translations. Below have listed about their services:

  • Translation
  • Localization
  • Interpretation

8. Shakti Enterprise Translation Services

Shakti Enterprise Translation Services can provide professional language translation solutions, efficiently on urgent basis, and have mastered the abilities needed to produce a high-quality translation outcome. They are a professional translation company in India who work as a multilingual translation company who provides professional language translation solutions in all the Global languages. Hereby, below are listing their services:

  • Translation
  • Transcription
  • Localization
  • Voice Over
  • Dubbing

9. Siddhant Translator

Siddhant translator understands how to effectively collaborate with native language translators as well as to use the right approach to achieve compelling results for their customer or clients. They provide high quality professional human translation in Indian & foreign language pair and are able to provide high quality translations and hereby are their services:

  • Language translations
  • Transcription

10. Thakkar translation services

Thakkar translation services come up with inventive language translation services crafted from collaborative efforts, collective, that offers more confidence for their clients because their communication is powerful and effective. They offer language translation solutions from English to Hindi, English to Chinese, Tamil to English, Portuguese & Chinese to English, in short, they offer wide range of language translation. Here are listing their services:

  • Document Translators
  • Translations For Chinese To English Language
  • Local Language Translation

11. Sarita Translation Solution

Sarita Translation services are providing translation services in all Indian languages and global languages; they are offering translation solutions in various languages. They exactly understand about the complexities their customers face, to make non-native audience knows that what treatment they need. Below are mentioning their services:

  • Translation
  • Website localization
  • Software localization

12. K Bagchi & Company

K Bagchi & Company cover over 100 languages, as the always choose a native professional translator for language translation into the target audience language to assure that your content is fluent. They are mainly working on course of transmission in Buddhist iconography from India to Japan through China and Korea. Here have mentioned their services below:

  • Course of transcriptions
  • Course of translations
  • Language translation
  • Transcription

You can keep this fact in mind that all of the marketing planning, no matter how result oriented they will be, could be meaningless, if marketing, brand messages, website and other materials are not translated in the target audience’s language. Therefore, outsourcing the services/product of language translation service providers is the most vital key that unlocks the door to international markets. Our language translation agency is a robust translation companies in Mumbai, with different translation services as well as language translators. With VerboLabs, you will get a good and highly-skilled professional translator who will ensure that all your business documents are translated on the basis of language, accurately. Nothing goes as planned, if you do not follow a streamlined procedure to work. This is why VerboLabs work according to a streamlined work planner that keeps us aligned with time. VerboLabs aim towards comprehensive language translation services. We value your time, as well as that of our company. This is why VerboLabs offers high quality language translation in the shortest time period, keeping the quality at high.

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