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Top 5 Podcasts for Hindi Learners

When individuals want to develop their linguistic skills, they can use multiple language learning podcasts available online. Whether you are a newcomer or you want to polish your skills in a particular language, these online podcasts will help you make your skills better. Today we will learn multiple podcasts available online to polish your Hindi speaking skills. So if you have been thinking of polishing your Hindi speaking skills, you are at the right spot today.

Podcasts for Beginners

Here are some slip podcasts which will help you in brushing up your Hindi speaking skills. Also, they teach in the simplest form:


HindiPod101 is a top valuable resource for studying Hindi if you’re a beginner, with its audio and visible assets that act as a supplement to your different language-learning efforts. Two hosts use natural communication to explain key grammar points, vocabulary, and more, with episodes commonly around 10 minutes, every on a specific subject and maintaining each beginners’ and intermediate learners’ wishes in mind.

There are plenty of episodes to pick from, and the entirety is free to try; however, for chronic use, you’ll want to make an account with HindiPod101, which degrees from $8 to $47 per month. As you work your way through the episodes, from less complicated to more fantastic challenging concepts, much less English is used, changed with Hindi content material you’ll have realized in until now lessons.


LanguageReef gives 19 podcast episodes on simple Hindi language concepts. The podcasts are handy adequate for even infant users, so if you’re barely intimidated about beginning to study Hindi, this would possibly be an accurate vicinity to begin. The episodes additionally teach you thru writing, and picture assets are reachable as well. By giving up the podcast’s 19 episodes, it claims you’ll be capable of writing the Hindi alphabet and grasp the Hindi script.

Hindi glossaries Alive

This podcast series, which is 18 episodes long, used to be designed to instruct new first-year students on the fundamentals of Hindi vocabulary. While it was initially intended to be used alongside a textbook, there’s undoubtedly no need to have an e-book at your disposal to discover the helpful podcast.

You’ll study Hindi variations of frequent English phrases and expressions, and the podcast indicates how to use the primary words in sentences and phrases. AIn addition, a few grammar principles, However, the focal point is principally in conversational Hindi.


Perhaps you’re getting to know to communicate Hindi elsewhere. Maybe you took a few instructions at some factor in your past. Whatever the case would possibly be, you understand the basics; however, you didn’t get a great deal in addition to that, and now you’re searching to ramp up your information of the Hindi language.

In that case, you’ll prefer to take a look at these few intermediate podcasts that are best for those who don’t favor being bored with the aid of the basics; however, prefer to make sure they can nevertheless preserve up with their lessons, except something going over their heads.

Namaste Dosti

This podcast solely elements a few episodes, and it hasn’t been up to date in a few years. While it’s no longer comprehensive, it is free and the best compliment for absolutely everyone mastering Hindi elsewhere, which is why we’ve categorized Namaste Dosti as an intermediate resource.

Scripts for every lesson are on hand, and episodes are also accessible as YouTube videos. Suppose you’re a visible learner and favor to see the language being spoken as you learn, without a doubt. Lessons additionally contain a bit of Hindi culture.

SSB Hindi

The SBS Radio Hindi application produces a podcast that takes interviews, facets, and neighborhood testimonies from its different productions and places them into one easy-to-find format.


There’s at least one new, brief (under 15 minutes) episode every day, now and then, with a couple of episodes every day. Episodes regularly consist of worldwide information spoken in Hindi. Many superior audio systems discover this podcast helpful, as they can pay attention to data on occasions they’re possibly already acquainted with; however, in the Hindi language, making comprehension a little easier.

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