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Top 5 Podcasts For Urdu Learners

Urdu is a unique but challenging language; however, its scope in the market makes it a better and explicit language. Furthermore, people love to listen to Urdu due to its beautiful tone and quality of words. So if you have been thinking of learning Urdu through podcasts, then you are at the right spot. Let us find out different podcasts on which you can learn Urdu quickly.

Podcasts to Learn Urdu

Here are some of the podcasts by which you can learn Urdu:

Ling – Learn From Ling

Ling app is one of the satisfactory apps to research Urdu. You can analyze Urdu through more than a few categories: introduction, introductory sentences, quantity & counting, activities, etc. Moreover, every class incorporates a lot of subtopics.

You can research Urdu by way of speaking, writing, and exams. Generally, checks take a look at your perception of the topic. Moreover, speaking exercises will enhance your Urdu pronunciation. So Ling app is an entire bundle to analyze Urdu.

Learn Urdu Quickly

LUQ (Learn Urdu Quickly) app is one of the exceptional apps to research Urdu. They aid 18 languages such as English, Hindi, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Bengali, Marathi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, etc. So you can research Urdu from your language. It helps nearly all the acquainted languages in the world.

By the usage of this application, you can study Urdu from fundamentals to a superior level. There are fundamentals like alphabets and development stage like voice translations are handy in one place.

You can study Urdu phrases and sentences from various classes such as language, emergency, greetings, travel, numbers, vegetables, colors, weather, animals, relations, etc. So you can, without problems, analyze all the vital phrases from the Learn Urdu Quickly app.

There is an attractive alternative known as ‘ play sound ‘that is handy in the LUQ app. By the usage of this option, you can effortlessly get the absolute pronunciation for the Urdu word. Hence, it will enhance your pronunciation extra pleasing when you communicate Urdu.

There are 50+ quizzes are reachable to enhance your language skill.

Learn Urdu

It is additionally a fantastic app to study Urdu. The Learn Urdu Free app is the identical form of an app like LUQ. But it has some introduced blessings and risks over LUQ. It helps extra than 30 native languages. So all through the period of native language, this app is higher than LUQ because it has more excellent languages such as Thailand, Turkish, Vietnamese, Swahili, Russian, Romanian, Persian, etc.

In Learn Urdu Free app, you can examine phrases from specific classes such as clothing, shopping, nature, health, housing, excellent art, work, etc. There are a lot of quizzes accessible in LUF. Generally, quizzes decorate your learning. For example, by the usage of Learn Urdu Free app, you can, without problems, study 9000+ Urdu words. If you analyze these words, you can, without difficulty, grasp the Urdu language. There is a paid model additionally accessible for this app. If you pick out the paid version, you can use it on the internet.

Learn English to Urdu

Learn Urdu From English’ is an excellent app to study Urdu less complicated and faster. It is one of my preferred apps.

One of the delicate facets is that there are a lot of verbs accessible in this app. Generally, verbs are a very vital section of studying any language, inclusive of Urdu. So with the aid of the use of these verbs, you can effortlessly make new sentences as per your wish.

This app has many classes, such as physique parts, people, fruits, wildlife, sentences, etc., on hand. Moreover, for every word, they supply images. So mastering Urdu is more straightforward with these images.

Urdu Qaida

Urdu Qaida is in particular for kids. This app is solely in Urdu. So there are no different native languages accessible in the Urdu Qaida app. But you can use it with the other apps cited above. So no foreign native language is now not solely downside alone. It is an advantage. Because it is designed for youngsters and Urdu learning, if you study thru LUQ or LUf, you can use these matters without difficulty on Urdu Qaida. If you don’t recognize any of the phrases which mean or sentence, you can refer to that in translator without problems. So your word that Urdu Qaida is a monolingual app now, not bilingual.

So these are the different podcasts by which you can quickly learn the Urdu language.

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