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Video Localization: How much does it cost?

Would you like to translate your website into different languages? Or maybe you’ve already done some localization of it? What about the videos there, though? Is your company’s video localization managed by the same localization company that handles text translations? How much does it cost to localize a video? What are the prices for translating videos? The number of people watching videos online is growing. The majority of internet users watch digital videos on a weekly basis, with more than 90% of them according to the most recent data on online video consumption. A typical viewer now spends 100 minutes per day viewing digital content.

Tutorial or ”how-to” videos are among the most widely watched categories of online video. This suggests that there is a sizable window of opportunity for companies to reach out to customers via internet videos. As you undoubtedly already knew, people like to watch videos in their own language, thus if you want to expand internationally, you should consider localizing your videos. This article will describe how much it will cost you for services you’ll need for your tutorials, e-learning videos, promotional videos, and more.

It may be challenging to estimate video localization pricing as per the video localization services, thus the following aspects will be discussed in more detail in this article:

●       Length of the video and word count;

●       Required language service;

●       Additional fees

●       Languages involved;

Although different businesses may have somewhat different line items in their quotes for video localization, they generally fall under one of the following basic categories:

What Are the Prices for Dubbing, Voice-Over, and Subtitling?

Your video material can be localized in a few different ways. You have the option to insert translated captions or to leave the original language intact and record a lector reading the translated text. You can also choose the most complicated option, replacing the audio track entirely with a recording in a different language. Start with transcribing no matter what course of action you take, for professional video localization you can switch to the best video localization company who have experts on their team.


Transcribing an audio file into a written document with timecodes is called transcription. Timecodes must be included. They serve as cues for the beginning and end of the original spoken text. You have four options: do it yourself, employ automated voice recognition software, delegate the task to someone else, or let the translation provider handle it. Depending on how quickly the speaker speaks and how clear the recording is. Naturally, this also depends on how quickly the transcriber types. This phase might take more than an hour to complete if done by a random person, yet it might just take a professional a half hour.


One method of translating your video into another language is through subtitles. The translation of every word spoken in the video has been provided as captions. Have you not watched that a lot of times? Here, it’s important to clarify the distinction between closed captions and subtitles (CCs). Text descriptions of conversation and all pertinent audio cues from the video soundtrack are included in closed captions. Only the dialogue or narrative is highlighted in subtitles. Your films may already have English captions in Final Cut Pro, Compressor, or another program. Transcript translation is done word by word. The translation rate per minute of video changes as per language, and thus the prices change. The most expensive languages include Norwegian, Dutch, and Japanese. French, Chinese, or Spanish may be less expensive.

 Voice Over

This service is based on adding a lector who reads the video’s text aloud in a different language. Over the original audio recording, which can be heard in the background, the lector’s voice is added. One person is impartially reading the entire material. No matter how many voices there are in the original music, there is only one actor who is reading the text in the localized version. Selecting the vocal talent you require is what you must do. Are you looking for a male or female actor for the localized version of your video? Do you require a specific voice, such as a high, lively voice or a deep, gravelly male voice? All of this is up to you to decide, but this is what determines the cost.


Utilizing a dubbing service is another approach to incorporating translated text into your video. Contrary to voice-over, dubbing combines original sound with translated speech after the original audio has been silenced. Actors express their feelings by acting out roles. It is the most expensive service and is the most similar to acting. Your choice of voice talent will largely affect the dubbing price. However, the costs could be really expensive here. How many stars you wish to hire will determine this. The audio recording you receive is well-balanced, free of extraneous noises, and it moves along smoothly while staying in time with the actors’ lip movements. Technically speaking, we can also refer to dubbing as revoicing, which is the process of replacing the original voice with a voice in a different language.

How Much Does Video Translation Cost?

 Consider all of the following factors when calculating the price of your video translation:

●       Do you want to include a lector, dubbing, or subtitles?

●       Do you wish to add subtitles, dubbing, or a lector?

●       In which languages are you interested in translating?

●       Do you have any more specifications?

●       Do you have questions concerning the price of your video translation?

Why Does Language Impact Video Translation Costs?

Why does the cost of video translation vary depending on the language? Is it a result of the fact that some languages are harder to learn than others? No, the real cause is the dearth of available translators as well as the area in which they reside. The same holds true for voice talents.

Access to voice talent and translation resources

There are some locations where the supply of qualified translators and/or readers is limited, raising the cost of these services. The same is true of Swedish, Icelandic, Norwegian, and Finnish. Additionally, the cost of the services rendered by experts from high-cost-of-living countries is probably higher. To better manage your budget, prioritize the information that needs to be localized and implement your localization project in stages.


After reading about the cost of video localization, what is the estimate of video localization or how can language impact video localization? Hope you got answers to all these questions but if there is something left then you can connect with VerboLabs– A language services provider, who are working in the video localization segment for the past 5 years with successfully delivered products. Invest in a localization agency that has knowledge of your sector and offers high-quality translations. To increase accuracy and efficiency while lowering costs, it ought to provide strong localization tools. To speed up the process, enquire about extra services like project management, quality assurance, and testing. In addition to the significant cost of post-launch rewriting improperly translated information, you run the risk of alienating your target audience, falling short of your brand voice, and even getting yourself into legal trouble if your content doesn’t adhere to compliance standards

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