Important Parameters to Consider by A Business Tycoon Before Visiting Any International Trade Fair and Exhibitions

Important parameters should be considered by a business tycoon before visiting any international trade fair and exhibitions in 2023.

Do you own a brand or run a business? Then, this article can help you a lot to expand your business. International trade fairs and exhibitions provide a fantastic opportunity to present your brand globally and to look for new partners if you’re considering expanding your business internationally. Attending a trade show globally is, however, much more difficult than going to a fair or expo in your home country. But, how to select a trade show for your business, what should you plan before entering into international fairs and exhibitions, why should you visit trade shows? To get important parameters that should be considered by a business tycoon before visiting any international trade fair, you need to read the following article!

Why should you visit trade shows?

According to studies, many global brands and companies visit international trade fairs for five primary reasons:

  • To increase brand recognition among customers and industry leaders. 
  • To networking and forming new business ties. 
  • To gather highly focused sales leads that leads to new business avenues.
  • To research the rivals and how they are positioning their items in the market.
  • To get knowledge for yourself about the most recent innovations and technology in your business.

Thus, you can also think about the reasons why you should visit trade fairs and exhibitions! Many business tycoons come to international trade fairs with their translated business documents which can be one of the important documents to get more success! You can get an idea on the importance of translation when you plan to visit an international trade fair as a business tycoon.

Several helpful sources for Finding Trade Shows

  • Trade Fair Dates
  • The Trade Show Network
  • ProductHunt Tradeshows
  • The Trade Show Calendar

These are some sources for finding trade shows but there are numerous additional informational resources available online for your reference which can help gain more knowledge about such events happening.

How to choose the correct trade show for your business needs?

It might be challenging to select the trade show and fair that is truly best for your company at the current stage of your international development if you are new to international sales from among the plethora of options available. Moreover, it depends on the kind of products or services you sell. There are particular fairs that mainly feature B2C items such as food, drinks and other consumable items and other fairs that can be of different categories such as electronics, fintech,etc

At international trade shows, a lot of exhibitors are actually searching for B2B channel partners who would serve as importers or distributor partners for their products. They might also be able to suggest trade shows with national pavilions or with small- and medium-sized business incentives. If you have a limited budget and you want to go to an event overseas for the first time, this could be a decisive factor. Being a beginner participant can be stressful, but working with a service provider who will handle almost all the details for you can significantly reduce that worry. It’s not your only option, and it’s not usually a cheap one either. One can do their marketing document translation to present it in global events.

You need to do desk research to determine which trade shows are most well-known in your sector. It may also depend on why you are visiting a particular trade show. Do you intend to broaden your contacts and potentially locate new distributors, or do you have other objectives in mind? As an exhibitor, it can be very expensive to go to trade shows, therefore it’s critical that your approach is well-defined before you choose a show or establish your goals for the exhibition. But, any international trade show can be problematic also, if you have not translated your content before presenting it in the event. As not everyone understands English, there are many business tycoons who come to global trade shows but they only understand their regional language. Hence, you can get an idea about the role of translation in international trade shows or fairs in 2023.

Verify the details of the trade show you are thinking of attending

Nowadays, you can learn a lot about any trade show that is worthwhile for you to attend as an international participant. For instance,

●       How many people visited last year?

●       The show’s audience size within your industry.

●       The total number of exhibitors, with names, feedback of exhibitors, etc.

●       The specifics of how to participate, including deadlines and fees.

You can find numerous versions of a particular trade show across different locations of the world. A good example would be, MEDLAB Middle East in Dubai which hosts its trade fair across different locations on the globe.

What goal do you hope to accomplish?

Every trade show has its own agenda so you need to understand your objective before planning to attend any event as it takes a lot of time and resources to get ready for any trade show, so it is imperative to be clear about your goals of participation

For instance, if you might have attended trade shows in the past, the KPIs might have been as follows:

  • Identify potential new suppliers in Kenya, Thailand, and Armenia.
  • Meeting existing partners and discovering new partnership opportunities
  • Launch of a particular new product line 
  • Understanding the changing environment of business

Depending on the type of trade show you are attending, educate the community and consumers about your brand and products with the possibility to also make sales.

To attain the best outcome of participation, it is important to note down the expected outcome of attending the planned shows. These goals will be influenced by your company’s internationalization strategy and the volume of export sales you currently have. As indicated above, if the fair is taking place in a nation where you are already established, you may want to avoid investing high in the trade show of those particular regions. 

Create the stand in accordance with the aforementioned goals. 

Once your goals have been established, it is important to start identifying key necessities that would be needed to help you achieve your objectives such as booth size, location, number of products or services to be showcased, features of the booth, etc

To shine like a star at any international trade fair, language can be a big barrier. Here, you will need a source or channel partner who can translate your content for the event. Marketing content localization services providers like VerboLabs can help you to solve your translation problems in international marketing. This is another way, how can you stand out between multiple companies.

Trade fairs are a great way to present your organization’s product or services in front of the world, they not only help you create new avenues for your business but also help you in keep evolving to keep up with the market demands. A well-established strategy along with the objectives in place can help your business grow stronger and sustainably.

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