Why Do Companies Need Questionnaire Translation Services

Businesses in the global market want to reach the top or stay at the top of the competition. They collect feedback and reviews from their customers who belong to different parts of the world. So they can get a better insight into the perception of their products and services by people from various regions. Thus, they improve their services accordingly. The collection of information from these feedbacks and reviews are in the form of questionnaires most of the time.

The information from these questionnaires is very crucial for these businesses. It helps them to maintain their ground in different regions. This is because competition can be tough; and every day, competitors use a new strategy to gain an advantage in the fluctuating market. But the company needs a proper translation of these questionnaires to learn the problems in their products in the market. Hence, there shouldn’t be any compromise while choosing a reputed translation company for questionnaire translation services. Because even a minor mistake or error in translation can cause a huge loss due to misunderstanding. And thus, cause the loss of regular customers of the company in no time.

VerboLabs Languages has solid experience in delivering the best questionnaire services to one of the best companies in the region.

Translation service providers follow these points while translating questionnaires:

  1. The translation process doesn’t involve the use of any kind of software completely for translating questionnaires. These types of translations can be comparatively quick and cheap but generate a humongous amount of errors. Linguists having good command over the language, dialects, and terminologies perform the translations with the assistance of software in order to ensure accurate and fast results.
  2. Translation service providers use back translation in which they re-translate the questionnaire in the desirable language into the original language. This verifies the quality of the translation.
  3. A small group of participants pre-test the questionnaire where they point out the mistakes and unclear translations after going through the questionnaire.

Global businesses and research-based companies have to deal with important and sensitive information and therefore, a well-reputed and experienced company should be chosen for their questionnaire translation services.

We at VerboLabs ensure to provide the best questionnaire translation services in over 60 languages worldwide in different sectors such as healthcare and medicine, legal, market research, government-related, etc. keeping the above-mentioned points in mind and try our best to make sure that every project assigned to us is 100% error-free. With a strong quality check and project management team, we ensure that quality is never compromised and project delivery is always on time.

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