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Global kidventurous business: Adapting your business for new markets and audiences


Our client is a global operator in the distribution industry, known for its high-end children’s media videos and songs. In the contemporary market, their expertise lies in creating engaging and relevant content for the younger generation. Moreover, their age-appropriate content makes them one of the most reliable and famous brands in the kid-centric sector. 

Their aim is to create good values in kids, such as empathy, compassion, and resilience, while building their mental strength and fundamental life skills. Some of their content is appreciated worldwide, resulting in high brand awareness and positioning in the global competitive market. 

Today, our client is perceived to be the leader of their operations, with high skills, understanding of the sector, and curating appropriate content for children. 


The primary objective of our client was to tap new markets: the Asian entertainment industry. Their approach to fulfill this goal included dubbing their songs in the native languages of targeted nations. Other requirements of the client included: 

  • Dubbing their famous kid-centric songs in three main Asian languages: Japanese, Thai, and Hindi. 
  • High-quality audio that perfectly aligns with the video and other visual elements. 
  • Keep the accent and pronunciation clear so the kids can understand their content. 


Their umbrella of qualitative and unique content in all spheres made it crucial for the brand to enter new markets with utmost quality, considering their brand positioning and sustainability. 

The challenges faced by the client to incorporate their objective in operations include: 

  • Inability to find high-quality dubbing services in the targeted languages. 
  • Adapting the essence of the video in the voice-over. 
  • Accurate and precise synchronization of the audio with the video. 
  • Creating an umbrella of videos with the utmost quality and relevant voice.  

Solutions offered by VerboLabs: 

With an understanding of the market as well as dubbing and voice-over services, VerboLabs was able to help the industry leaders effectively. With our quality deliverables, the company wanted to tap new markets and increase the visibility of its brand. 

Our solutions include: 

  • Qualitative content as per the market: One of the biggest solutions offered by VerboLabs to the client was quality and precision required at global level. We delivered content that the asian audience accepted and appreciated thoroughly, making it easier for the client to increase their brand reach. 
  • A team of native language experts: The biggest strength and expertise of VerboLabs lies in the native language experts. Their detailed knowledge of the market and services helped in delivering exceptional content. 
  • Effective language adaptation: We curated and created content with perfect accent, dictation and pronunciation in all deliverables, resulting in high efficiency and reach of brand.  
  • Timely delivery of the content:  Another important solution integrated in the overall deliverables was the timely delivery without compromising the quality and precision of content. 
  • Periodic approvals from the client: We take constant approvals from the clients at every stage to ensure that all the requirements are incorporated in the audio. 

Impact on their operations: 

By using our adequate dubbing and voice-over services, the client was able to retain their global position in the Asian market. Moreover, it was also able to overcome the challenges of cultural nuances and deliver impactful and relevant content. 

Increase the visibility: With our high-quality deliverables, the client could bag millions of views on their dubbed songs in a short span. This helped them exhibit their content on various global platforms. 

Consistent quality of content: Other than increasing the visibility of content, we were also able to elevate the quality of their content in the new market, leading to high reach and sales. 
Stable brand positioning: One of the key advantages enjoyed by our client after incorporating our dubbed content in their songs is sustainable and durable brand positioning.

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