Rapid Globalization: VerboLabs Empowers Global Vision to 17 Languages!

Our client is one of the leading Modern Analytics Cloud companies providing a business intelligence platform that allows anyone to analyze, explore and share analytics data in real time. The company was founded by industry experts, known for their high efficiency and in-depth experience. 

The founder’s vision was to improve people’s interactions and derive insights from any sourceful data. They aim to make data easily accessible and understandable for all business users. They achieve this by using AI to offer intelligent recommendations and insights, enabling users to make informed and data-driven decisions. Additionally, staying innovative and updated about new technologies and market trends has been their crucial objective from the very beginning.  

  1. Challenges they encountered
  • Quality of the localized content: The company faced issues with the quality of localized content, which needed to meet its standards. Inconsistent translations and inaccurate representations of their brand messaging were common issues they were struggling with.
  • Missing deadlines and low turnovers: Previous localization efforts suffered from poor turnover rates, leading to delays in product updates, feature releases, and bug fixes. Missed deadlines hampered their ability to stay competitive.
  • Difficulty in inculcating multiple languages: To expand its business in 17 languages, the brand needed experts operating in various segments and regions, which was complex and time-consuming.
  • Repetition of content: Our client also struggled with repeated content in their localized versions, which led to inefficiencies and increased costs.
  1. Client’s Requirements

The primary objective of our client was to expand its reach by offering its services in more than one language. Their specific requirements were as follows:

  • Increasing the number of supported languages to 17, catering to a more diverse and broader user base.
  • Overcoming challenges related to repeated content and missed deadlines when delivering qualitative projects. 
  • Enhancing the quality efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the localization process.

VerboLabs: One-step solution for all localization problems

The rating of VerboLabs has impressed them, and is why they joined hands with us. Our previous efforts and collaborations with renowned brands helped them understand how we can bring solutions to their problem and help them go global.

Solution we offered 

Our client needed localized services in 17 languages, meaning they needed to hire and onboard native language professionals. It was essential for them to find translators who specialize in translating strings using Crowdin and ensure they could work collaboratively. 

VerboLabs translators provided a comprehensive solution to meet their needs:

  • Specialized translators: VerboLabs deployed a team of professional translators who specialized in translating content using platforms like Crowdin. They have shared login credentials so our experts can work seamlessly towards providing accurate and contextual translated content.
  • User-friendly workflow: VerboLabs’ intuitive and user-friendly workflow made it easier for their team to collaborate and oversee the localization process effectively. 
  • Timely solution: VerboLabs continued localizing all strings, ensuring that the client received timely localized content that was consistent in quality and accurately reflected their brand’s messaging.

Impact of our service 

Our client quickly reaped the following benefits bought by the team of VerboLabs:

  • Consistent quality: They have started receiving consistent, high-quality localized content that met their brand standards and resonated with their global audience.
  • Efficient Business Gain: By streamlining the localization process and eliminating repeated content, VerboLabs boosted efficiency, reducing wasted time and cutting down on costs.
  • Timely Deliveries: The client’s expanded user base received timely updates, new features, and bug fixes in all 17 languages, allowing the company to maintain a competitive edge in the global market.

Note: Some points may be repetitive due to the lack of information. If I get more information, I will be able to make it better.

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