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Transforming Video Content Reach with Multilingual Subtitling Excellence

A renowned consumer technology website, has been a trusted source for tech enthusiasts seeking the latest updates, reviews and tech videos. Their aim is to make readers aware of what is trending in the technology space across the globe to help them use technology in the best possible way. They offer insightful information on undiscovered features, and hacks of smartphones and even offer digital tips through their apps and websites. They even create videos for both YouTube and Instagram to help people make better decisions.

Objectives and Goals: 

  • Provide multilingual English, Hindi, Marathi and Tamil subtitles for YouTube videos.
  • Achieve a 12% Turn-around Time for most videos, catering to rapid viewership.
  • Make the complex and often ignored IT content simple and relatable for the audienc


  • Need help adapting their content to the desired language at an affordable cost. 
  • Meeting the demanding 12-hour TAT to provide subtitles within the first 24 hours of video release.
  • Improve the SEO and discoverability of their content in the competitive market. 

Why VerboLabs?

  • Linguistic proficiency: The subtitling experts of VerboLabs exhibited a profound understanding of tech-related content, ensuring the quality of subtitling meets the standards. 
  • Proven expertise: VerboLabs has a strong record when it comes to delivering subtitling services, especially in the tech domain. 
  • Budget-friendly: Verbolabs offers subtitling solutions at competitive pricing without compromising on quality.

Considering all these aspects and the reputation VerboLabs already has, the client partnered with VerboLabs to get the standard quality subtitling service.

Solution offered by VerboLabs team:

  • Evaluated backgrounds of linguists to ensure a comprehensive understanding of tech-related content.
  • Workflow optimization to meet both quality and efficiency, addressing the client’s TAT requirements.
  • Dedicated Point of Contact to oversee the subtitling process aligned with the client’s content and schedule.

Impact achieved: 

  • VerboLabs consistently met the demanding 12-hour TAT.
  • Multilingual subtitles expanded the client’s audience reach, making tech-related content accessible to a broader demographic.
  • Subtitles enhanced the user experience, making the client’s content more engaging and accessible.
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