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Mobile App Localization: Everything You Need to Know

App visibility and exposure are the two main goals of a mobile app developer or marketer. As a mobile app developer, It’s your prime duty to see that your app reaches every person and customize it so that it serves different people with different tastes and preferences. That is where mobile localization could help you to increase your potential reach.

With mobile app localization, you get access to the international markets, increase the number of users worldwide, automatically increase the number of downloads, give you an extra edge over the competition, and ultimately increase and expand sales. It has been reported that there is a significant increase in the numbers of downloads and revenue via mobile app localization within one week.

In this article, I will be giving you brief details about the mobile localization app that you need to focus on during the process.

Let us First See What Mobile App Localization Refers to?

It is a process of customizing the app such that it is capable of working in many other languages other than the default language. With localization comes different variations in languages and locales.

What is use of Mobile App Localization?

According to the number of downloads and revenue, 80% of the countries among the top 5 for downloads and revenue are non-English speakers, mostly from Europe and East Asia. Asia is highest in revenue, i.e., 41%, followed by North America, 31% and Europe, 23% respectively.

English language apps seem to be enough for gaining exposure, but you won’t be able to enter markets that are non-English speakers. With mobile app localization, everything is possible. You can customize the app based on what users want to attract them. It also opens the door to many other opportunities, and significant revenue growth can be seen.

Here are some benefits of mobile app localization

Access to the global market- Do all the mobile app users belong to the United States, or all of them are English speakers?

The answer is no. According to the study, it is found that most of them are from Asia/ Pacific. So! There is no point in launching your app in just one language, as it might affect your market and sales.

Unlimited Sales- As I mentioned earlier, the total number of mobile phone subscribers around the globe is 4.77 billion. It means there are endless opportunities for you to increase your sales.

A worldwide hit- Most activities occur in mobile device apps rather than surfing on browsers, but most of these apps are not in-built. You can easily download it and delete it within a second.

Increased ROI- if you localize your mobile app, your downloads will increase 128% more than usual.

Localization Strategy

  1. The first thing you can do is, explain every detail to your native speaker. For example- information on the product, marketing strategy, goals, and more. It will help them to create a correct hypothesis.
  2. Before creating a hypothesis, complete your research work correctly.
  3. While custom listing, your focus should be on the country rather than on complete localization.
  4. You can share your ideas of one country with another country that is culturally and historically similar to each other.
  5. Fix it or change the screenshot order that failed to work. Take a good view of the market and analyze well.

Thus, mobile app localization is essential for your app to be established Internationally. This article will give you a brief idea about mobile app localization.

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