Top 10 Dubbing Studios in Mumbai

Top 10 Dubbing Studios in Mumbai

The dubbing of programs as well as its effects & results are marvelous these days. You can enjoy the sound of program/music. Using dubbing or voice-over can make your music or program even more attractive. Isn’t it surprising to know that we can enjoy our favorite show by dubbing? Don’t you think dubbing/voice-over could be your asset? Yes, if you do it properly. 

But, what are the dubbing studios?

For most of people, the idea of a dubbing studio conjures up images of a dark, dank room filled with sound equipment. Therefore, the reality is that dubbing studios can be quite modern and sophisticated places. The dubbing studio is typically a room which is soundproofed and has good acoustics. The room will usually have a mixing board, speakers, and other sound equipment. The studio will also have a microphone or two. The purpose of a dubbing studio is to create a space where the voices of actors can be recorded without any outside noise interference. The dubbing is recorded in a studio and then the actors come in and dubbed their lines over the recorded dialog. This is the whole process of dubbing.

Here are listing below the top 10 dubbing studios in Mumbai & 5 best dubbing studios in Mumbai with their work specialty:

1. VerboLabs Languages

VerboLabs offers an extensive range of dubbing voice services in not only India but across the globe. For VerboLabs, dubbing/voice-over is not just a process of re-creating dialogues in Indian indigenous languages. They work on each & every project with niche-oriented expertise, thanks to their wonderful team of dubbing or voice-over professionals who specialize in offering smooth services for various programs. Here are listing below about VerboLab’s services:

  • Desktop publishing
  • Digital content creation
  • Video Editing
  • Language transcription
  • Voice Dubbing
  • Language subtitling

2. Double Dec Studio

Double Dec Studio provides music studio for music translation and comes in a top Music Recording Studio, as they also offers sound dubbings or voice-over. They provide space for tour rehearsal, band/artist auditions, and college festivals and delivering specialized voice over studio services in multiple languages, globally with adding complete value to the voice. Below are their mentioned services:

  • Music translations
  • Recording Services
  • Recording deck
  • Soudn recording translation

3. Globe Studios

This agency is headed by a successful music producer & audio director, who worked closely with renowned artists & banners in the music & film industry and certified with dubbing artist who offer accurate services for corporate and commercial movies. They provide recording to musicians and voice artist throughout the area and can help with any of your recording needs. Below listed are their services:

  • Recording
  • Mixing of recorded audios
  • Audio mastering

4. Neutral Music Studio

Neutral Music Studio are providing Recording studio and music production facility and they have own voice over recording studios setup and experienced voice over artist. Their main aspect is quality which gives us an upper edge over the other players in the market and ensures the job is done in a record time and believes in under promising and over delivering wherever the time constraint is high. There are even listed their provided services:

  • Voice over services
  • Music Studios
  • Dubbing services

5. Woodstock Studios

Woodstock studios are music legends and sound professionals in world music, as they are geared with the latest pro audio tools. This agency believes in liberal and freedom aspect of music and we are glad to take the responsibility to support and grow the healthy atmosphere for music and having well equipped mixing room with industry leading mixing tools. Here are listed below their services:

  • Sound Recording
  • Sound Designing
  • Dubbing
  • Sound Production
  • Re-recording,Stereo and 5.1 Surround Mixing and Mastering

6. RD Rhydhun Music Studio & Jamming Room

RD Rhydhun Music Studio & Jamming Room are a professional dubbing company and have more than 10 voices over recording studios, and have a premier voice over recording studio in India. They are one stop solution provider for all the voice over service such as subtitling in multiple languages, recording, and dubbing and providing the best music system with digital mixer. Here are there few services listed:

  • Voice Over Services
  • Dubbing Services
  • Subtitling Services
  • Captioning Services
  • Transcription Services
  • Translation Services
  • Localization Services
  • Interpretation Services
  • DTP Services

7. Lazuli studio (Laukik Morvekar)

Lazuli studio (Laukik Morvekar) offers a wide range of multilingual voice dubbing services in all the major languages across globe and offering variety of value added services such as voice over of different artists, famous voices along with melodious tone. Lazuli studio’s expertise in voice dubbing in several languages, including international and Indian languages, and translation of scripts, subtitling, and audios. Here are listing below about their offered services:

  • Dubbing
  • Subtitling
  • Video Editing
  • Mixing & Mastering

8. Sonic Octaves Pvt Ltd

With Highly Efficient Team and Fully Equipped Recording Facilities they set Out to Produce Best Quality Music and they specialize in Producing, Music, Mixing and Mastering. With their end-to-end solutions, from recording music to uploading on digital platforms and transcription of videos and audio. Sonic Octaves Pvt Ltd streamline the process as per the users’ requirements to make the service deliverable even more simplified. Below are their listed services:

  • Recording Studio
  • Audiobooks Production
  • Music Production & Marketing
  • Software localization

9. Space Cat Studio

They are the state of the art for recording and music production in Mumbai and Space Cat Studio is the leading provider of dubbing service providers, with professional audio directors/editors, who are having more technical knowledge to deliver dubbing requirements in numerous languages, flawlessly. Below are listing their services:

  • Dubbing
  • Subtitling
  • Video Editing

10. Joshua INC Studio

Joshua Music are designed by musicians for musicians hence they are having rich experience of working in music production. Their technical managers ensure perfect timing, sound quality, and overall quality voice-over production values. Joshua INC Studio has a large network of professional voice editors who works in various languages. Below are the listed services of their company: 

  • Dubbing
  • Subtitling

Work on translations that surely profit your business with the best dubbing studios in global level. VerboLabs is one of the best dubbing studios in Mumbai. 

Now or later, you will learn about the Top 10 dubbing studios in Mumbai

The main goal of dubbing is to offer the audience an outstanding audio-visual experience. This can be seen that dubbing/voice-over allows the audience to enjoy sounds as natural as possible, rather than just recorded lines. 

This is where dubbing studios come in, playing an important role in translating and dubbing movies into different languages. Without dubbing studios, many people around the world would be missing out on some great entertainment. Thanks to the hard work of dubbing studios, through them audience can enjoy the latest Hollywood blockbusters, no matter what language we speak. Initially, you may not think that dubbing your program is important, but you should think that how great will it be if your content is of premium quality and available in other languages through dubbing? Through dubbing voice services, audience can understand your program/music in their native language. 

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