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Top 10 Video Production Companies in Bangalore 2024

Video production is becoming an excellent opportunity to work; during these times, producing your own video or creating one for your client is on boom. Most people are now attracted towards videos that could be YouTube videos, documentaries, short films, reels, or a proper film of 3 hours. We at VerboLabs know finding a professional video production agency to create your next video can get massive. 

But you could be wondering where to start. Choosing a video creation agency for creating the best video can be fantastic! If you work on Google Research, you could come across several companies with their own set of abilities. And that’s why we’re here to make your work stress-free and hassle-free! In order to get you started on the right way, we’ve made a complete list of the Top 10 Video Production Companies in Bangalore so that you can look for an organization that helps you achieve your requirements, as per your budget and timeline. Each of these companies have sufficient experience and expertise to smoothly assist you in making your brand visibility! So lets Explore the list…

Top 10 Video Production Companies in Bangalore

1. VerboLabs Languages

VerboLabs is one of the most reliable and trusted video production company in Bangalore. Our team comprises skilled and professional writers with their expertise in integrating the market trends in the script and storyboard. At the same time, we have designers who bring life to words and beautifully depict the idea behind the script and storyboard. Then comes the qualified and experienced editors, who understand the subject’s criticality and deliver quality and perfect synchronization of audio with visuals.

 We also have access to professional video publishers who understand your need for various results in just a few seconds! Their video editors can take what you shot to the next level and create a beautiful final outcome with virtually no unique studio for improvement when post-production begins, or they might make all sorts of flaws that were never awaited in pre-production because something indeed went wrong during shooting – like when lighting goes in/out! 

VerboLabs can add an entirely new perspective and engaging elements to your videos during the editing process. Being one of the best video production company, we transform your business ideas into stunning visuals and bring words to life. 

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2. Village Talkies

Village Talkies is a professional video production company in Bangalore, primarily known for its animated explainer video production. Their high customer retention and satisfaction make them a successful brand in the Bangalore Video Production industry. They are one of the top-notch companies for video production services, as they have served their clients for many years and even at their international peak. They usually begin with a fundamental discussion to better understand and streamline your business ideas for creating videos. They serve high-quality videos that help them secure a stable position in the operating sector. 

Capturing the essence of the script in the video has been their forte of expertise for the longest time, making them highly qualified leaders of their operations. Moreover, the understanding of the market and integration of the same in all their deliverables makes Village Talkies a highly renowned video production company in Bangalore. The key strength of this corporation is its ability to not only highlight the benefits and work of any product but also blend it beautifully in a compelling story, making it easier for the customers to connect with the client. 

3. Visual Entity Video Production House

Visual Entity, Video Production House, works in a significant way as it is known as a multifaceted video production house. This video production company is driven by videos/films that will help you to make an authentic connection with your audience. At Visual Entity, video production is about creating the correct relationship between a company and its target audience. Visual Entity Video Production House ventures in making unmatched content with their YouTube videos, Product videos, Business videos, and TV commercials. 

This video production company is known for its strategic and intelligent operations, with an easy-going four-step procedure. This includes understanding the audiences, creating content, managing distribution and measuring the attributing success of the project. This smart working strategy helps the video production agency become an expert in the industry and deliver exceptional videos. Moreover, being one of the most renowned companies in the Bangalore Video Production industry, the customer satisfaction and sales of the brand. Their delivery of customized videos and inculcation of client needs in every deliverable is another example of their excellence and high-end demand in the sector. 

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4. CultMedia – Video Production Company

Cult Media is a highly known and appreciated brand in the Bangalore Video Production industry. Their keen dominance over specification and integration of market trends in the deliverables makes them one of the key players in the sector. They are a wholly-based Video Production Company in Bangalore, India. Because of their experienced team and expertise, they promise high-quality content, from customer testimonials, promotion videos, and music clips to interviews and event clips. 

They have skilled expertise in delivering content with impactful storytelling, creating content that resonates with the target audience, and helping businesses exhibit their content on global platforms. Another reason for the fame and name of this video production company is the inculcation of creativity and innovation in all projects. Whether you are presenting to stakeholders or training your team, CultMedia ensures that all your videos are solid and impactful and helps you fulfil the agenda of creating the video. Choosing this brand will help you elevate your brand, market your new product launch, and assist in showcasing corporate culture effectively. All these aspects make this video production agency a leader in the Bangalore Video Production industry. 

5. 13thstation – Shooting Floor (Chroma)-Green Screen-Editing-Video Production Company

13thstation – Shooting Floor (Chroma)-Green Screen-Editing-Video Production is a one-stop solution for all customer’s visual marketing requirements. The expertise of this video production company lies in critically understanding and then integrating the demands of the clients into their deliverables. Although experts in their operating industry, this video production agency has rich experience in video and shoot-based content. Other than this, they have also successfully delivered high-end results in corporate culture videos, testimonials, event management, e-learning content, as well as documentaries. 

The company is also committed to delivering the best photographic and Cinematic equipment to aid its customers with cutting-edge gear services. They are known to rent qualitative cameras, sliders, and other types of machinery that can help them have customized shoots. Other than their versatile operations and delivery of projects or equipment, they are also known for their disciplined execution of client projects. The adherence of this video production service provider organization to deadlines and budgets is what helps it stand out in the competitive Bangalore Video Production industry. 

6. Artmonks Film Production House

Artmonks Film Production House delivers end-to-end services for all your video marketing requirements. They have specialized operations, providing content from designing & finalizing the concept to pre- and post-video production. This video production company in Bangalore has excellent expertise in crafting visual campaigns for brand visibility and corporate digital growth. Moreover, this brand has convenient knowledge of photography, animation, and every other element that resonates with video and visual production. Their services are primarily focused on three segments: video production, image production, and animation. 

A highly appreciated aspect of this video production company is that they have placed a high value on futuristic content with a keen understanding of the operating market and integration of the foreseen trends in their deliverables. Similarly, by understanding the requirements of the customers and clients, this video production agency captures the essence of the video in its digital products and fulfills the demands, leading to high customer retention and satisfaction. Their timeline of work includes pre-production, production, and post-production strategies. 

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7. CLICKSMITHS – Video & Photo Production Company Bangalore

CLICKSMITHS is a renowned video production company in Bangalore. Their core expertise is video production and professional photography services. They are catering for all industry verticals such as social media and web videos, corporate videos, explainer animation, animated videos, marketing and product demo videos, training and educational videos. They also have enormous experience in undertaking all types of professional photography for Interiors & architecture, e-commerce products, Manufacturing and industrial photography, and a broad range of advertisement photography for any corporate/industry. 

This video production agency is known for its end-to-end deliveries, incorporation of the client requirements in the final results, and visual appeal to the target audience. The understanding of the team of the visual elements, storyboarding, and video engagement makes them the leaders of their forte. As CLICKSMITHS is a leading corporation in the Bangalore Video Production sector, their way of operating is revolutionizing the entertainment industry drastically. A robust online presence and interaction with the audience makes them highly distinctive. Other than this, their blending capabilities of needs with innovation is highly appreciated and recognized by their clients and customers. 

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8. Capture Crew Productions India Pvt ltd

When talking about the best video production companies in Bangalore, one cannot miss Capture Crew Production India Pvt. Ltd. This brand is the official holder of various tags and awards, such as ‘First company in India to produce a 360 degree VR corporate video’, and ‘Top 10 corporate film making companies in Bangalore’. 

They provide end-to-end services and customized solutions like rental cameras, video editing, line productions, live streamings, rental green-screen studios, and many more elements, catering to the needs of the customers. Capture Crew Productions India pvt ltd provides high-quality video illustrations with utmost professionalism. This effectively helps them to improve their brand image/visibility. Additionally, this professional video production agency will have knowledge of the latest video streaming technologies for several platforms. This is a corporate video production company that provides high-end videos to keep the audience admiring your brand!

9. Dreamart Video Production Bangalore

Dreamart Video Production is another renowned video production company in Bangalore. With their high expertise and experience in the industry, they have skillfully created a name for themselves for high-quality delivery and marketing needs. Their deep knowledge across several sectors & corporations makes them the first choice of quality digital films and video production company for their customers’ diverse businesses. This organization produces various corporate videos, marketing videos, sales videos, ad films, several training videos, HR videos, motivational videos, product advertisement videos, concept videos, animated videos, promotional videos, motion graphical videos, infographic videos, whiteboard videos, 2D animation videos, 3D animation videos, Vimeo videos, VFX video, YouTube videos, and explainer videos. 

10. 25th Hour Folks – Video Production House in Bangalore

They are a full-fledged advertising agency and video production company in Bangalore. With so many years of experience & expertise, their high-quality video deliverables before the deadline make them a highly competitive and sustainable brand in the operating industry. The video producers at 25th Hour Folks production house provide their clients with the best services at quite flexible brochures. A few of their core services are advertising filmmaking, which consists of various TV commercial advertisements & digital advertisement films, among others. So they are well known as an excellent advertising company located in Bangalore. As part of their service as a top video production company in Bangalore, they produce corporate/business videos and specially designed videos for brands. 


By listing the above top 10 video production companies in Bangalore, our motive was to inform our readers about the top-notch agencies for video production. There are top nine companies other than us who are working tremendously and having rich experiences, but what exception do we provide to you? We at VerboLabs provide all solutions under one roof. We have been working on video production solutions for the past seven years. Along with this, we provide translations, transcriptions, digital content creation, video editing services, subtitling, dubbing, localization, transcreation, interpretation, and desktop publishing. Hence, you will get one solution under one roof. You can connect with us, and we will completely streamline your requirements in your corporate or business, as video editing is a very personal matter for most content creators and companies.

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