Top 9 Video Localization Companies in Mumbai

Top 9 Video Localization Companies in Mumbai

Video localization holds the same significance as software localization! If you produce video content and aim for global expansion, video localization services are a must. Video localization involves modifying a video to enhance its accessibility to a new audience in a particular language. To illustrate, consider translating a video into multiple languages to engage viewers with different linguistic backgrounds. If you confine your videos to English-only speakers, you might miss out on significant opportunities such as expanding your audience and boosting ROI. Like any other visual content, marketing videos should be translated to cater to diverse global audiences. Apart from voice-overs, video localization techniques encompass lip-syncing and adding subtitles. However, video translation entails more than just enhancing localization value. To ensure your video reaches a global audience, utilizing video localization services is crucial. In Mumbai, India, there are video production companies that can significantly impact your business growth. Let’s explore the top nine video production companies in Mumbai!

List of 9 Best Video Localization Companies in Mumbai

  1. Pixel Carving
  2. Verbolabs
  3. Film Academy of Cinematic Excellence
  4. O2 Designs: A Video Production Agency
  5. 8K Entertainment and Media Production
  6. Pansworld Television India Pvt. Ltd.
  7. Corporate Video Production
  8. Life Inside Media: A Video Production Company
  9. Ikon Productions
  1. Pixel Carving

Understanding the audience you are targeting is crucial when creating content for pixel carving work intended for their clients. This team is a top-tier provider of video production localization, with extensive knowledge of various audience demographics, enabling them to assist in creating superior content. Pixel Carving was established as a comprehensive production company in 2017. Recognizing the potency of video as a marketing tool, the pixel-carving team aims to narrow the professionalism gap between a young creative team and seasoned industry mentors.

  1. VerboLabs

VerboLabs Languages understands that incorporating video into your marketing strategy requires a financial commitment. According to their clients, who are business owners that utilize videos for their companies, video yields the highest return on investment compared to other marketing tactics. VerboLabs can assist you in enhancing the credibility of your business. This is incredibly impactful and can be seamlessly integrated for your target audience. Consequently, they can attract a larger audience to your business by fostering trust and generating leads through video localization. VerboLabs has provided language and video services to over 5000 clients.

  1. Film Academy of Cinematic Excellence

The programs offered by the Film Academy of Cinematic Excellence (FACE) are designed for a new wave of storytellers, filmmakers, and artists who have a passion for performing and visual arts in various aspects of film production, including acting, cinematography, screenwriting, editing, photography, and directing. Those interested in honing their skills in these areas can gain practical experience by working on individual assignments in a hands-on and rigorous program. Students receive training from accomplished professionals in a real-world environment equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and tools.

  1. O2 Designs: A Video Production Agency

O2 Designs specializes in creating videos to showcase and promote organizations on social media. They also offer 3D architectural and visualization planning services to top architectural and construction firms. The team at O2 Designs is experienced in producing corporate films, advertising films, brand films, 3D animations, and architectural visualizations. Additionally, they have an internal editing team, production team, content writing team, and camera equipment.

  1. 8K Entertainment and Media Production

8K Entertainment & Media Production excels in media production and event management. The organization is officially registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Their team offers secure end-to-end services for all your video production and event needs, including video editing, filming, explainer videos, live streaming (podcasting), pre-wedding cinematic shoots, wedding photography, and setting up multi-camera 4K video mixes. Their services also encompass celebrity event management, award ceremonies, and corporate events. The 8K Entertainment and Media Production team is dedicated to expanding its services and connecting with a larger client base in Mumbai, India.

  1. Pansworld Television India Pvt. Ltd.

Pansworld Television (India) Ltd, based in Mumbai, India, is a leading corporate film production company that can help grow your business brand. They specialize in creating corporate films, instructional videos, CSR videos, and more. The team at Pansworld Television understands the importance of videos in today’s marketing landscape and can produce professional, compelling content with a contemporary style. They are known for their exceptional video editing and localization capabilities, making them one of the top video production companies in Mumbai. While many filmmakers excel at creating films, Pansworld Television stands out for its ability to edit and localize videos in multiple languages, ensuring a significant impact.

  1. Corporate Video Production

A corporate video production company in Mumbai is ranked among the top 10 best video production companies. Their team specializes in various types of videos such as corporate, industrial, business, animation, promotional, training, TV commercials, radio commercials, digital, feature films, and music videos. The company is known for providing high-quality video production services that leave their clients satisfied with their dedicated service. One of the benefits of working with a corporate video production company is that the video content can be repurposed. For example, the video can be segmented and used in shorter clips for social media, or it can be re-edited to convey a different message to the audience.

  1. Life Inside Media: A Video Production Company

Life Inside Media specializes in digital marketing and video production, focusing on creating high-quality videos and establishing a strong online presence for businesses. The team of experts at Life Inside Media is skilled in producing various types of videos, such as films, documentaries, TV commercials, web series, and other formats to deliver effective video services. Moreover, they offer video marketing solutions to enhance a brand’s visibility in the online market. Amid the complexities of the modern world, they provide authentic, reliable, and exceptional content. By centering on a brand’s purpose, they excel in crafting experiences and communications that resonate with the audience and drive the brand’s growth. Their expertise lies in understanding and addressing your challenges and providing solutions to bridge the gaps.

  1. Ikon Productions

IKON Productions, founded in 2012, is a well-recognized production company that has gained acclaim both nationally and internationally. Its strong presence is felt in the global market. Based in Mumbai, India, the company boasts a talented team of directors and producers who have successfully worked on over 100 films. They have catered to diverse industries, including fast-moving consumer goods, insurance, education, real estate, engineering, government and CSR initiatives, and pharmaceuticals. The experienced team at Ikon Productions is thankful for the opportunity to be a part of an industry that allows them to showcase their creativity and skills on a global platform.

Benefits of Video Localization

Video localization goes beyond simply translating the spoken word. It’s about adapting your video content for a specific region, ensuring cultural relevance and maximizing audience engagement. By taking this extra step, you unlock a treasure trove of benefits that can propel your brand or message to new heights.

Video production localization is just as crucial as localizing your software. The companies mentioned above are among the top options to consider in India. They specialize in working within the realm of excellence. Here are 10 compelling reasons why the above video localization companies should be a cornerstone of your global content strategy:

1. Expand Your Market Reach and Brand Awareness:

The internet has shrunk the world, but language barriers can still hinder your ability to connect with potential customers. By localizing your videos, you open doors to entirely new markets. Imagine showcasing your product to millions who wouldn’t have understood it otherwise. Localized videos broaden your reach, fostering brand awareness and establishing you as a global player.

2. Deeper Audience Connection and Engagement:

People connect best with content that resonates with them on a cultural level. Humour, references, and even the way information is presented can differ significantly across cultures. Video localization ensures your message is delivered in a way that feels natural and relatable to your target audience. This fosters a deeper connection, leading to increased engagement and a more receptive audience.

3. Boost Sales and Conversions:

Studies show that viewers are 64% more likely to purchase a product after watching a video about it [Source: Why Video Localization is Important to Your Brand – Lionbridge]. Localization takes this a step further, ensuring your message is clear and persuasive for viewers in any language. This translates directly to increased sales and conversions, maximizing the return on investment (ROI) for your video content.

4. Enhance Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Search engines like Google can’t “watch” videos, but they can crawl text content associated with them. When you localize your videos with subtitles or closed captions in different languages, you create a wealth of searchable keywords. This significantly improves your video’s SEO ranking, making it more discoverable by potential viewers from all over the globe.

5. Build Brand Trust and Credibility:

Taking the time and effort to localize your videos demonstrates your commitment to reaching a global audience. This shows viewers that you value their language and culture, fostering trust and establishing your brand as a credible and reliable source of information.

6. Stay Ahead of the Competition:

In today’s globalized marketplace, businesses that embrace multilingual content have a significant advantage. By localizing your videos, you demonstrate a proactive approach to reaching new markets, setting yourself apart from competitors who remain confined to a single language.

7. Cater to Diverse Learning Styles:

Not everyone learns best by listening. Subtitles and closed captions offer viewers the option to follow along in their native language, even if they understand the audio to some degree. Localization caters to diverse learning styles, ensuring your message is accessible to a wider audience.

8. Improve Accessibility for Hearing-Impaired Viewers:

Closed captions are a valuable resource for viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing. Localizing your video with closed captions in different languages ensures inclusivity and allows a wider range of viewers to benefit from your content.

9. Leverage Existing Video Content:

Video production can be a significant investment. Localization allows you to take a single video and repurpose it for multiple markets, maximizing the value you get from your content creation efforts.

10. Future-Proof Your Content for Global Growth:

As your brand expands into new markets, your video content should grow with you. Localized videos are future-proofed for global success, allowing you to seamlessly reach new audiences without needing to recreate content from scratch.


Video localization is an investment in the future of your brand. By breaking down language barriers and fostering deeper connections with audiences worldwide, you unlock a world of possibilities. Start exploring video localization today and watch your brand take centre stage on the global stage.

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